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News Releases from December, 2001

December 19, 2001
Cerebral Cortex Coaches Coming!

Within three years, the Metro Bus fleet will be transformed into a motor pool of highly intelligent, quick-thinking coaches capable of spewing forth a steady stream of real-time information to emergency personnel and planners, which will lead to more efficient service and a safer environment for operators and customers alike.

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December 17, 2001
Metro Offering Free Metro Bus and Rail Rides Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve

For the seventh consecutive year, the Metro will offer free bus and train rides on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, an ongoing tradition established by the Metro Board to afford merrymakers a safe journey home, reduce traffic congestion and collisions.

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December 10, 2001
Metro set to Embark on New Era of Seamless Transit Fare

Shortly before the stroke of the new year, LA County transit providers will embark on an experiment that marks the dawning of a new age in seamless public transit travel which could one day replace the need for tokens, cash and monthly passes as we currently know these fare media today.

Keywords: Seamless, Transit Fare
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