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News Releases from November, 2001

November 29, 2001
Line Notches 33,000 Average Weekday Boardings in October

Ridership on MTA’s Metro Green Line hit an all-time high in October 2001 when the light rail line had average weekday boardings of 33,000. The previous high watermark of 31,075 was reached in October 2000.

Keywords: Green Line, Ridership
November 29, 2001
MTA Board Names Light Rail Line to Pasadena ‘Metro Gold Line’

The MTA Board of Directors today named the light rail line, which will link downtown Los Angeles to Pasadena, the Metro Gold Line. Currently under construction, the Metro Gold Line is due to open in July 2003.

Keywords: Board, Light Rail, Gold Line
November 26, 2001
MTA Starts 3-Car Train Service on Busy Metro Blue Line

Riders on the popular Metro Blue Line that connects downtown Los Angeles and Long Beach joined MTA officials today in heralding the start of 3-car train service

Keywords: 3-Car, Train service, Blue Line
November 19, 2001
Metro Rail and Bus, Best Ticket in Town to Hollywood Christmas Parade on November 25

The Hollywood Christmas Parade is only days away, and getting to Tinseltown’s premier annual holiday attraction has never been easier, thanks to the Metro Red Line subway and the Metro Bus System.

Keywords: Bus, Rail, Hollywood Christmas Parade
November 19, 2001
Strange Voices from Below and Other Clever Art Devices Make Debut on Self Guided Angels Walk Tours

A mysterious, omnipresent sidewalk voice offering sound-bytes about Hill Street’s past and present, art tiles depicting the architectural history of LA, and manhole covers with descriptions of important urban underground facts, past and present, are the newest magical elements that await pedestrians who follow the paths of Angels Walk, a self guided tour of points of cultural and/or historic importance in LA.

Keywords: Art, Self Guided Angels Walk Tours
November 16, 2001
Metro Red Line Passengers Make Beeline to Hollywood & Highland Retail/Entertainment Complex

A steady stream of Metro Red Line subway passengers has contributed to the early success of the new Hollywood & Highland retail/entertainment complex, an MTA joint development, which opened November 9 above the Hollywood/Highland Metro Red Line subway station.

Keywords: Retail/Entertainment Complex, Hollywood, Highland, Red Line
November 12, 2001
Interest in Metro Rail Joint Development on Rise as Crown Jewel Project ‘Hollywood & Highland’ Opens

Hollywood & Highland, developer TrizecHahn’s $615 million retail/entertainment complex, which opened above the MTA’s Metro Red Line station Nov. 9, is the crown jewel of MTA joint development efforts to date. Overall, close to $1 billion has been spent on joint developments at Metro Rail stations with more projects looming on the horizon.

Keywords: Rail Joint Development, Hollywood & Highland
November 12, 2001
MTA Rewarded For Buying Clean-Air Compressed Natural Gas Buses

For the fourth straight year, clean-air agencies have rewarded the MTA for buying alternative-fuel buses for the Metro Bus Fleet, recently approving $5.2 million in grant funding.

Keywords: Clean-Air, Compressed Natural Gas, Buses, Rewarded
November 08, 2001
MTA Board Updated on Bus Service Improvements Made Since 1996 Signing of Consent Decree

The MTA Board of Directors received an update Nov. 8 on the significant improvements in bus service MTA has made since the signing of the Consent Decree in 1996.The update came at the halfway point of the 10-year agreement.

Keywords: Board, Improvements, Bus, Service, 1996 Signing of Consent Decree
November 05, 2001
MTA passes good on Montebello Bus Lines effective Dec. 30

In a move to offer seamless bus transit services in the County of Los Angeles, MTA has entered into an agreement with Montebello Bus Lines to accept MTA transit passes effective December 30.

Keywords: Montebello Bus, December
November 02, 2001
MTA to Host Community Meetings to Explore Transportation Solutions for North L.A. County

The MTA will host two community meetings, Nov. 14 in Santa Clarita and Nov. 15 in Palmdale, to discuss transportation solutions for North Los Angeles County.

Keywords: Community Meetings, Transportation, Solutions
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