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Recommended QR Code Readers

QR Codes are appearing on more Metro materials, so to get you scanning, here are some QR code reader apps for your smartphone.

Metro does not endorse, license, nor warrant any of these tools or applications. Please research each application for availability on your device before downloading and contact the developer for support.


  1. RedLaser (eBay Inc.) Free
  2. QR Reader for iPhone (Tap Media Ltd) Free
  3. NeoReader (NeoMedia Technologies) Free


  1. QR Droid (Scan by Scan Inc) Free
  2. QuickMark Barcode Scanner (Simple Act Inc) free
  3. i-nigma Barcode Scanner (3G Vision) Free
  4. QR Barcode Scanner (Warriors) Free


  1. QR Code Scanner (Newgen Graphics Photo Editor Photo Studio Photo Apps) Free
  2. QR Code Scanner Pro ( The Jared Company) Free
  3. Qr Code Scanner – Generator (Newgen graphics Photo Editor Photo Studio Photo Apps) Free


  1. Esponce QR Reader ( Yalla Apps) Free
  2. i-nigma (3GVision) Free
  3. RedLaser (eBay Inc.) Free
  4. QuickMark (Simple Act Inc.) Free
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