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Vanpool Commuting can help your company’s bottom line by reducing parking demand and improving your ability to recruit and retain qualified employees. And the Metro Vanpool Program is now making this commute option even more attractive and economical.

The cost of parking is predominantly borne by businesses. Whether you pay for off-site employee parking or offer free parking, parking shortages can limit company growth potential, diminish land use options, use up customer parking and add maintenance costs. Parking costs are one of the most immediate cost areas that companies can relieve through encouraging employees to vanpooling.

The average one-way commute distance for an employee is nearly 20 miles.
Longer commutes impact employment choices and retention. Offering a vanpool program enhances your company’s overall benefits package by easing burdensome commutes. And participating in the Metro Vanpool Program reduces these commute costs even further.

Whether converting existing employee vanpool groups or registering new vanpool groups – the Metro Vanpool Program can help.

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Metro Vanpool: Caltech Commuters

Metro Vanpool: LAWA Commuters

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