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29% of Metro's 10,800 Employees are Women.

Metro has a strong workforce of 10,800 employees with women making up 29% of the workforce.  The Women and Girls Governing Council is committed to assessing policies and practices through a gender lens to advance the progress toward gender equality in the workplace.

JANUARY 2018 CEO Approved Recommendations:

1.    CEO Action Plan for Diversity & Inclusion

  • Purpose :  Inclusive working environments are key to engaging women in the workplace
  • Goal :  To establish an effective diversity & inclusion commitment & go beyond meeting legal requirements

2.    Promoting the Advancement of Women

  • Purpose :  Promote an inclusive workplace where women can be seen succeeding
  • Goal :  Publicize promotion of women on WGGC website; foster informal mentoring

3.    Breaking Down Barriers for the Service Attendant Position (Career Pathway for Mechanics)

  • Purpose :  Identify entry level job classifications where women are underrepresented
  • Goal : Eliminate gender bias for entry level position where today 103/563 staff are female

4.    Bringing “The Voice” to Metro – Blind Screening (6 month pilot)

  • Purpose :  Builds trust in our hiring processes & increases diversity
  • Goal : Reduce implicit biases when screening candidates for interviews

5.    Crushing the 29% through an Employer Brand Strategy

  • Purpose : Recognize that first impressions are lasting impressions
  • Goal :  Increase the gender workforce ratio
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