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“Step up to a winning career in transportation.”

What is Workforce Initiative Now - Los Angeles?

Workforce Initiative Now-Los Angeles (WIN-LA) is a ground breaking workforce development program created to focus on creating career pathways into the transportation industry. Careers will include construction, non-construction opportunities in operations/maintenance, administration and professional services. The program will provide support for participants in areas, such as life skills development; skill set enhancement and educational attainment services. WIN-LA will also increase the resources needed for training and placement of “Hard to Fill” positions within Metro and the transportation industry.

WIN-LA supports Metro’s pledge to being a learning organization that attracts, develops, motivates and retains a world-class workforce. WIN-LA fosters Metro’s promise of being a community partner as we build the future of public transportation for LA County.

What is the purpose of WIN-LA?

Metro needs a workforce to deliver its significant and highly complex work program to its customers efficiently, on time and under budget; including delivering safe and reliable public transit services. More than 28% of Metro’s current staff, over 3,000 employees, is eligible for retirement; and more than 50% may be eligible for retirement by 2024, thus succession planning is crucial to maintaining a viable agency.

Metro has also identified “Hard to Fill” positions within the agency and the transportation industry. WIN-LA provides a strategy to meet these crucial needs through succession planning, workforce development and career pathways.

What careers will be available through participation in WIN-LA?

WIN-LA creates career pathways for members of communities who want to work in construction, non-construction opportunities in operations/maintenance, administration, professional services, as well as other related jobs and careers.

WIN-LA will provide career pathways in the core areas of:

  • Construction
  • Operations/Maintenance
  • Administration
  • Professional Services

How will Metro implement WIN-LA?

Metro is prepared to deliver its groundbreaking WIN-LA program by leveraging the successful outcomes of our Project Labor Agreement and Construction Careers Policy (PLA/CCP); and by establishing a collaborative model of partners comprised of private-sector employers, community colleges, labor organizations and others. Partnerships are critical to the success of the WIN-LA program, thus committed partners will include:

External partners may include:

  • Employers: Private sector, public sector, design/build construction contractors (Primes), small businesses and other employers
  • Community colleges (County-wide)
  • Community-based organizations, workforce development centers and others
  • Labor organizations, trades, apprenticeship programs
  • Los Angeles Worksource Centers/America’s Job Centers of California

Internal partners include:

Metro’s Diversity and Economic Opportunity Department, Talent Management; Operations; Program Management; Planning and other internal Metro departments. Metro’s WIN-LA collaborative model will support our effort to educate, train and provide opportunities for local residents to gain jobs and careers at Metro and throughout the transportation industry

The WIN-LA program model consists of the following key components:

  1. 1. Identify
    Identify individuals and essential jobs through outreach for career opportunities
  2. 2. Assess
    Assess individual needs and make resources available for personal development
  3. 3. Train
    Train and provide skill set enhancement to maximize sustainable employment
  4. 4. Employ
    Employment search and placement services followed up with case management.

What are the benefits to participating in WIN-LA?

Metro is not just building transportation infrastructure and providing the freedom that comes with mobility, we’re also
striving to rebuild our region’s middle class and show people the ladder of opportunity they can climb toward economic prosperity and a better life. WIN-LA will provide that benefit to our region.

How does WIN-LA benefit employers?

Metro expects the coming decades to be busy ones when it comes to planning and building infrastructure, with many
projects already under construction or in the works. The boom in local infrastructure development, coupled with the agency’s aging workforce, creates an urgent need for a new generation of qualified, trained and prepared talent. WIN-LA provides resources to create a pipeline for future transportation workforce. It assists with the development of skilled and qualified candidates for the transportation industry’s “Hard-to-Fill” positions; and it will facilitate workforce development for the transportation industry at large.

How does WIN-LA benefit the community?

WIN-LA increases the opportunities available to Los Angeles County residents to contribute to their community and local economy. This program helps to retain jobs in Los Angeles County which lends to economic growth and uplift, especially for members of disadvantaged communities. As residents gain careers in the transportation industry, this new transportation career pipeline will benefit Metro as well as the transportation industry as a whole.

How does WIN-LA benefit participants?

Participants of WIN-LA receive training and employment opportunities needed for sustained careers and economic advancement in the transportation industry. The program builds skills and establishes a professional network to support professional growth. WIN-LA provides opportunity for upward mobility for individuals as well as their family and community.

Can I sign-up now for WIN-LA?

Metro will formally announce WIN-LA during Summer 2017 and will continue to develop the program over the course of the next 18 months. The program will be implemented in 4 phases; with the second phase leveraging Metro’s PLA/CCP to provide career opportunities in construction.

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