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WIN-LA (Workforce Initiative Now - Los Angeles)

Workforce Initiative Now-Los Angeles (WIN-LA) is Metro’s new workforce development program created to focus on careers in the transportation industry. WIN-LA is a ground breaking initiative that creates career pathways in construction, non-construction opportunities in operations/maintenance, administration and professional services within Metro and throughout the transportation industry. The program provides support for participants in areas such as life skills development; skill set enhancement and educational attainment services. WIN-LA also increases the resources needed for training and placement of “Hard to Fill” positions in our transportation industry.

The WIN-LA Program applies as a pilot initiative on procurements that are locally funded solicitations with an independent cost estimate (ICE) of $5 million or more for the base term with a minimum contract term of 1 year and awarded by LACMTA through a competitively negotiated solicitation. The term of the pilot shall commence on April 1, 2020 and shall sunset at the discretion of LACMTA. For reference, please see the WIN-LA Program Procedures .

Metro leverages the successful outcomes of our Project Labor Agreement and Construction Careers Policy (PLA/CCP) to deliver construction career opportunities and a collaborative model of trainers, service providers and partners to identify, assess, train and employ WIN-LA participants for career pathways in construction and non-construction.

For more information and to register, visit the WIN-LA website

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