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LA Union Station Forecourt and Esplanade Improvements


The Los Angeles Union Station Forecourt and Esplanade Improvements project will enhance safety and improve pedestrian and bicycle connections between Union Station and surrounding communities.

Project Elements

The proposed project is located in front of Los Angeles Union Station and on adjacent streets. The proposed improvements create a useable civic plaza, and provide enhanced pedestrian and bicycle connections between the station and surrounding businesses and communities.

LA Union Station Forecourt and Esplanade

The proposed project includes the following elements:

Alameda Esplanade and Forecourt Alameda Esplanade

  • On the east side of Alameda St, a pedestrian/bicycle path with shade trees;
  • New curb-side drop-off zone(s) on the east side of Alameda St, replacing one northbound vehicle travel lane;
  • On the west side of Alameda St, wider sidewalks in place of one southbound vehicle lane;

Los Angeles Crossing Los Angeles Crossing

  • Closure of the northern lane of Los Angeles St between Alameda St and El Pueblo crosswalk;
  • Reconfigured driveway into Union Station, including a consolidated, expanded crosswalk between Union Station and El Pueblo Historic Cultural Monument;
  • Restricted left-hand turns from Los Angeles Street onto Alameda Street
  • Two-way bike path within the extended El Pueblo Plaza

Union Station Forecourt Union Station Forecourt

  • Reconfiguration of the parking lot at the front of Union Station, including addition of a civic space, sustainability components and a seating area;
  • Small structure to serve transit riders

Arcadia Street Arcadia Street

  • Designated parking for El Pueblo tourist bus at the curb along the eastern side of Arcadia St between Alameda St and Spring St.
  • Restrictions on tour bus parking during peak/rush hour.

Next Steps

Metro is in the design process and will be engaging stakeholders throughout.

Environmental Documents

Metro initiated the environmental review process (California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)) for the Los Angeles Union Station Forecourt and Esplanade Improvements project in December 2016. Metro has secured Active Transportation Program grant funds that contain federal monies, which will require compliance with NEPA. The California Department of Transportation, acting on behalf of the Federal Highway Administration serves as the Federal Lead Agency.

The following are the Board approved California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) environmental documents:

Metro released the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) | Appendices for this project on August 11, 2017 via this Notice of Availability .


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