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Connect US Action Plan

The Connect US Action Plan (formerly Union Station and 1st/Central Station Linkages Study) was developed to improve historical and cultural connections in downtown Los Angeles by enhancing pedestrian and bicycle travel options through and between communities. At the center of the study is access to Los Angeles Union Station, a regional transportation hub for numerous rail, bus and shuttle services, and the future Regional Connector station at 1st/Central.

The Connect US Action Plan (“Plan”) includes a neighborhood-level assessment of arterial and collector streets, with an emphasis on bicycle and pedestrian mobility. The study is centered around a community-driven process to identify implementable public improvements that can create connections and pathways between and through downtown neighborhoods. The Plan provides a community-prioritized list of improvement projects to strengthen bicycle and pedestrian (active transportation) connectivity between communities, and destinations and public transit.

View PDF map of the study area.

The Connect US Action Plan objectives are to:

  • Create connections between Union Station and the cultural/historic sites in the surrounding neighborhoods by means of a clear primary route;
  • Develop a plan for enhancing access on foot or bicycle between the 1st/Central Station, Little Tokyo and the Arts District;
  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle linkages to/from Union Station to the destinations within each neighborhood and between neighborhoods;
  • Promote improvements that convey the unique identity of each neighborhood and street;
  • Create a sustainable Action Plan for implementation that has clear jurisdictional responsibility.

The Plan is closely coordinated with Metro Union Station, Regional Connector and Eastside Access projects.

The Connect US Action Plan is a joint effort between Metro and the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) and was developed in collaboration with various City of Los Angeles and County departments and agencies through the project Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). The Connect US Action Plan (62 mb) can be downloaded here or download by section (smaller file sizes) here: