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In an effort to improve the experience of its patrons, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro), has adopted an ordinance that is commonly referred to as the Customer Code of Conduct (English) (Spanish) . The Code sets out prohibited behaviors for everyone who uses Metro facilities and/or rides the Metro system.

Metro Transit Court was established in an effort to simplify the collection of fines payable for transit and parking violations, and to provide those who feel that they have been unfairly cited with a process to contest their violation. Metro's goals for Transit Court are to improve its ability to respond to customer concerns that arise from transit and parking violations issued, lower the cost of adjudicating such cases, improve customer awareness of various safety and operational issues that are covered by the Customer Code of Conduct, and implement an appeals process that reduces costs for customers who receive violations.

If you have received a Notice of Transit Violation you may reduce your penalty by taking the Metro Transit School Tutorial. Select the Pay Violation tab, above, for more information.