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Veterans Hiring Success Stories

In January 2013, Metro hired several military veterans to work in our Wayside Systems Department as Traction Power Inspectors. They were in the third week of an eleven week training program at Metro when initially interviewed. Here are their stories of how they transitioned from military service to employment at Metro.

Robert Garcia, Traction Power Inspector

Robert Garcia served in the U.S. Marine Corps as a Sergeant working on CH-53E helicopters. When he transitioned out of the service in 2001 he began working as an electrician at another company and learned about Metro’s job opportunities through a friend. The skills he learned in the service, working on helicopters, power units and turbine engines that converted mechanical power to electrical energy translated well to the skills required to work on trains.

Ken Gaeta, Traction Power Inspector

Ken Gaeta entered the Army in 2001 with a MOS 52C doing air conditioning and small utility repair. He was deployed to Iraq in 2003, serving three years active duty and then separated from the Army in 2004 as an E-4. After separation, he joined the Local 11 Union and worked five years as an apprentice followed by three years as a journey-level electrician, when he heard about Metro jobs from a friend.

Salvador Sanchez, Traction Power Inspector

Salvador Sanchez served with the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division on activity duty at Ft. Stewart, Georgia, as MOS 92F, Fuel Supply Specialist from 2002-2006. He then transitioned to the California National Guard as a MOS 11B Infantryman, and later moved to the Army Reserves where he later separated as an E-5 Sergeant in 2010. After completing military service, Mr. Sanchez worked in aerospace before applying to Metro on the recommendation of a friend.