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Interested in Joining Us?

Step 1: Visit current job opportunities

Metro updates job listings on a daily basis. Review position details and note the following:

  • Is the position External or Internal?
    External means that the recruitment is open to the public and all Metro employees.
    Internal means that the recruitment is restricted to Metro employees and current temporary employees who have at least six months of continuous employment with Metro. This can also mean recruitment is limited to specific union employees currently working for Metro.
  • What’s the title of the position?
    Metro has a variety of positions across many departments. The job title will include both the level and functional area of the position.
  • When does the posting close?
    All positions will close at 5pm (PST) on the date listed. If a position shows “open” that means the posting can close at any point in time.

Step 2: Thoroughly read the job descriptions

Important to note on a job description:

  • Example of Duties – Provides insight on typical assignments and tasks. Please note that this is not meant to be an exhaustive list.
  • Minimum Requirements – These are used by our Analysts to determine which applicants best meet position qualifications
  • Review your background (qualifications, experience, skills) as they must correspond to the required job opportunity of interest.

Step 3: Create/update/submit application

Our application process includes a few steps. Follow the instructions below:


1. Are you a new user? Create a profile before submitting your application.

Setup or update your profile with your work experience, education and certificates/licenses before applying for a job.

2. Are you an existing user? Log in and edit your application before submitting.

Editing and updating your profile every time you apply for a different position is important.

3. Once you’ve completed/updated your profile, you can now submit your application.

Click on the job title of the position you want to apply for and click on the 'apply' button. Changes you make to your profile while completing your application will only be reflected on that application. Your original profile will remain unchanged. Ensure your application is complete and accurate before submitting it. Once you click on the 'accept' button, your application is final and cannot be revised.