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Faith Leaders Roundtable

Metro recognizes the need to elevate and incorporate voices of faith leaders in developing Metro programs. With the support of faith communities, Metro invites faith leaders from seven regions of LA County to participate in Faith Leader Roundtables to explore how Metro’s mission and programs align with the ministries and community-based work faith leaders do each day. The Faith Leader Roundtable seek input to help shape the future of LA County’s transportation system and to serve the diverse communities of LA County.

Metro invites leaders of faith-based institutions and organizations to participate in one of the seven Faith Leader Roundtables hosted across LA County:

  • Central Los Angeles
  • Gateway Cities
  • San Fernando Valley – North County
  • San Gabriel Valley
  • South Bay Cities
  • South Los Angeles
  • Westside

Want to get involved? Here are a few options:

  • Register for the 2020 Metro Faith Leaders Summit: The Spirit of Collaboration on Wednesday, April 29, 2020. Learn more at
  • Email to subscribe to the Metro Bulletin, a newsletter for our faith-based stakeholders who want to receive a regular update of Metro projects, programs, and initiatives.