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Public Participation Plan

The Federal Transit Administration requires Metro to issue a Public Participation Plan (Plan) as part of its Title VI Program Update every three years. The Plan guides all of Metro’s outreach to gather important public input on possible changes to bus and rail service, new projects in planning and in construction, fares and other programs. Metro went above and beyond what was legally required in seeking public input to help make Metro’s 2016 Plan the best it could be.

In early 2016, Metro staff updated the most recent Plan that had been approved by the Metro Board in 2013. Shortly thereafter, the updated Draft Plan was circulated for a 30-day public comment period to gather input. Staff then reviewed the public comments received, revised the Draft Plan in response to these comments, and submitted Metro’s 2016 Plan to the Metro Board for their consideration in September 2016. That month, Metro Board adopted Metro’s Model Public Engagement Program and approved Metro’s 2016 Plan as baseline for all Metro public outreach.

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