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The Streets and Freeways Subcommittee is a technical subcommittee of Metro’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). Members provide assistance to Metro by reviewing and evaluating various transportation policies, issues and transportation funding programs in Los Angeles County as they pertain to:

  • Call for Projects
  • Local, State and Federal Legislation
  • Funding as it relates to freeways, arterials, signals, bicycle and pedestrian projects
  • Project Delivery
  • Arterial Capital Improvements (widening, intersection improvements)
  • Signal Synchronization Projects
  • Bikeway/Bicycle Projects and Policies
  • Pedestrian Projects and Policies
  • Goods Movement

The Streets and Freeways Subcommittee also reviews, comments, and makes recommendations on such matters as referred to it by Metro and TAC.

Streets and Freeways Membership

The Subcommittee consists of 16 voting and 3 ex-officio agencies/modal representatives
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Agendas and Additional Handouts:

Ordinance Established by Passage of Proposition A and Proposition C