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C0988 Crenshaw LAX Transit Corridor - Design/Build

Letters of Assent

Prime Contractors Walsh/Shea Corridor Constructors

2R Drilling, Inc
A&M Gentry Trucking
Ace Fence Company
Advantage Demolition and Grading Inc
Alameda Construction Services Inc.
ALCAL Specialty
Amerc Inc
Anytime Dumping Inc.
ARB Inc.
B & D Construction Co Inc
B & I Equipment Rental
Bali construction Inc
Barneys Hole Digging service
Bigge Crane and Rigging Co
Bonita Pipeline
Bravo Pacific Inc dba Marmolejo Contractors
C & L
Cabrinha Hearn & Associates
California Boring
California Earth Transport Inc
California Testing and Inspections Inc
Cascade Drilling
CBASS Dirtyworks Trucking
Cell Crete Corp (sub to Walsh)
Chavan Trucking (sub to Walsh)
Cindy Trump Inc dba Lindys Cold Planning (Deco Pave)
Clear Creek Systems Inc
CNJ enterprises Ince
Coast Surveying Inc
Coleman Construction
Comstock Company
Concrete Coring company (Valverde Construction Inc)
Control air Conditioning Corp (sub to Walsh)
Corrpro Companies Inc
DC Traffic Control (sub to WSCC)
DCD Electric Inc
Dean Visosky Contractor
Deco Pave Inc
Del Secco Diamond Core & Saw Inc
Drill Tech Drilling & Shoring Inc
Dyson Electrical Contractors
Environmental Construction Group
Environmental Recovery Services, Inc
Excelsior Elevator Corp
Enor Innovations Inc
Fine Grade Equipment
Flores Construction
Fryman Management
G&F Concrete Cutting, Inc.
G.W. Civil Constructors Inc
Geoboden Inc (Geocomp)
Giroux Glass Inc
Gonsalves & Santucci Inc dba Conco Pumping
Graham Crackers Demo Inc
Gregg Drilling & Testing Inc
Group delta Consultant Inc (Drill Tech
G.O. Trucking
GST Inc.
GTE Metals Inc sub to Walsh
H.D. Construction Equipment Inc
Harpers Backhoe service Inc dba Harper Equipment Rental sub to Newman BH
Hayward Baker
Herman Weissker inc
Herzog Contracting Corp
HNTB Corporation
Holland LP (Herzog)
Hydraulic Crane, LLC
Inspection Services Inc
Integrity Rebar Placers
JD Jimenez Concrete Contractors
Jet Drilling Inc (Geocomp)
JLS Concrete Pumping (Zamborelli)
Jungle Nursery
Kingsboro Construction (GNW Air Field)
Kroner Environmental Services
L.A.C. Motor Enterprises
Link-Nilsen Corp
LKR Group inc Group Delta
Lucas Builders Inc
Lukkes Striping sub to Walsh
Lumas Air Inc

Malcolm Drilling
Marco Crane & Rigging Co.
Matt Chlor
Maxim Crane
McMahon Steel Company Inc
Merli Concrete
Mining Equipment
Mr. Crane
Millenium Environmental, Inc.
Neal Electric
Nieto and Sons Trucking inc
Norcal Pipe
Olson Precast
Pan Pacific
Pavement Recycling
Penhall Company
Power Plus
Pre-Fab Builders
RBT Electric
Recycled Base Materials
R.J. Lalonde
RMA Group
Roadway Construction Service
Rutherford Company Inc sub for Walsh
SMR Transport
Sakaida and Sons
Select Electric
Site Solutions
Smithson Electric
So Cal Welding
SoCal Industries
South Coast
South Coast Sweeping, Inc.
Southland Inspection and Testing
State Crane
The Culver Group
The Jungle
The Landscape Center
Titan Disposal
Thomas Land Clearing Company
Traffic Loops- Select Electric
Treesmith Enterprises Inc.
Tri-County Drilling
U.S. Demolition
Ultra Welding
Urrea & Sons Trucking
Valvadere Construction
Vertical Electrical
Vertical Earthworks
Walsh/Shea Corridor Construction
Western Paving

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Job Coordinator PV Jobs
Erik Miller
4112 S. Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90037
TEL:(323) 432-3955
FAX: (323) 432-3995