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C1045 Westside Subway Extension Project, Section 1 – Design Build

Letters of Assent

Prime Contractors Skanska/Traylor/Shea, JV

2R Drilling
ABC Liovin Drilling
ABCO Drilling Inc
Absolute Employment Solutions
Absolute Resolution
Absolute Security
Advantage Demolition and Grading, Inc .
Alamillo Rebar, Inc.
All Petro Resources
Allied Steel Co., Inc.
Almighty Disposal LLC
American State Equipment
American Sheet Metal
American Sheet Metal
APA Trucking
APA Trucking
Applied Conveyor Technology
Aragon Construction
Architectural Unlimited
BA Simms
Badger Daylighting
Bali Construction, Inc.
Barneys Hole Digging Service, Inc.
Bender Consulting
Berty Boy Trucking
Bert W Salas
Bill Sprangins
Black IPO
Bragg Crane Service
Bradley Tanks
Candl Drilling
Cascade Drilling
CGO Construction
Centerline Concrete Cutting Co. Inc.
Century Sweeping
Clean Up America
Coast Surveying
Commercial Scaffolding
Conco Plumbing
Condon Johnson
Costin Outreach Group
Cowelco Steel Contractors
DCD Electric
DCN International
Dakota Communication
Dean's Welding
Dry Systems Technologies
E-Nor Innovations
Electrical Building Systems
Env Const Group
Envent Corporation
EW Corporation
Fastrack Rentals
Fryman Management
Full Traffic Maintenance, Inc.
Fugro 2nd tier
G and C Equip
G and C Equip
GES Sheet Metal
Gaines Trucking, Inc.
Garrison Walker Group
Genesis Dispatch
Geokon Inc.
Golder Associates
Gibson Transportation
Global Electric
GO Rodriguez
GrandF Concrete Cutting
Gregg Custom Paint
Gregg Drilling & Testing, Inc.
Group Delta
GTS Construction Scheduling
H.D. Construction Equipment, Inc.
Hill Crane Service
Imperial Paving Company, Inc.
Inspection Services, Inc.
J & H Drilling, Inc.
JA Caddell Trucking
JCK Underground Inc.
Jennmar Civil
Jet Drilling, Inc.
Jims Concrete
Jo Jo's Trucking
KC & C Trucking
KC Power Clean, Inc.
Kelvin Transportation
Kroner Environmental
Leo's Trucking
Lin Consulting
Lindy’s Cold Planing
Lonestar West Services
Los Morales Trucking
Los Morales Trucking
Luis Figueroa
Lucas Builders
M and J Works
MAD Transportation
Magna Transportation Group
Malcolm Drilling
Martins Trucking
Martin Bros
Martini Drilling
Martins Specialized Transport
Marvella Steel Placers
Millenium Environmental, Inc.
Miranda Logistics Ent
Monroy Trucking
Monzon & Son Enterprises
Munoz and Son Trucking
National Concrete Washout
New York Geomatics
Northstar Contracting Group
Northwest Excavating
Novoa Electric
O.C. Vacuum Environmental Services
Orellana's Trucking
OST Trucks and Cranes
Pacific Steel Group
Pavement Recycling Systems
Penhall Company
Performance Pipeline Technology
PQ Corporation
Precision Rentals
R & K Transport
Rascom Group
RBT Electric
Red Zone Robotics
RMA Group
Roberts Trucking
Robnett Electric
Rocky Peak Transportation
Scott Donohue
Shannon & Wilson
Site Solutions
Smithson Electric
Southwest Geophysics, Inc.
Statewide Traffic Safety & Signs
Sterndhal Enterprises, Inc.
Subsurface Survey
Superior Pavement Markings
T & M Construction
TEC Management
Teichert Pipelines
The Mop Crew
The Jungle Nursery
The Solis Group
Tica's Trucking
TLH Enterprise Trucking
Traxx Construction, Inc.
TriCounty Drilling
Tunnel Electric
Ultimate Maintenance Services
Ultra Welding, Inc
University Mechanical
Urrea Trucking
Ventura Directional Drilling
Vision Trucking
WA Rasic
Ware Rebar
Western Paving Contractors, Inc.
Wilson Ihrig

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Job Coordinator The Solis Group
Elizabeth Solis
131 N. El Molino Ave., Suite 100
Pasadena, CA 91001
Tel: 626-685-6989
Fax: 626-685-6985