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To ensure an equal, representative voice of all constituencies in Los Angeles County, the PAC is made up of three major categories, each with 10 representatives reflective of a diverse coalition of stakeholders:

  • Transportation Consumers – those who use or are impacted by Metro’s complex transport system
  • Transportation Providers – those who supply or regulate transportation infrastructure and services
  • Jurisdictions – representatives of elected bodies accountable to the needs of consumer and provider constituencies

In total, there are 30 representatives and 30 alternates on the PAC. Of these members, there are three Officers (*) representing each of the three major constituency categories. More information on PAC membership is available in the Roles and Responsibilities of the Metro Policy Advisory Council .

Primary Alternate
Consumers Older Adults Stephanie Ramirez
Students Mary Gallagher Colin Donahue
Enviro/Social Equity - Social Justice Jessica Meaney* Thomas Yee
Enviro/Social Equity - Low-Income Communities
Enviro/Social Equity - Environment Bryn Lindblad Andres Ramirez
Business Hilary Norton Adam Lane
Small Business William Osgood Moises Cisneros
Labor Rusty Hicks Ron Miller
CAC Dalila Sotelo Darrell Clarke
Individuals with Disabilities Richard Hernandez
Providers Transit Munis Ernie Crespo David Feinberg
Caltrans Paul-Albert Marquez Robert So
Metrolink Roderick Diaz* Elissa Konove
Access Services Randy Johnson Hector Rodriguez
Ports Kerry Cartwright Rick Cameron
Airports Juan Lopez-Rios Mark Hardyment
SCAG Darin Chidsey Naresh Amatya
Auto Club Marianne Kim Hamid Bahadori
Bicycle/Pedestrian Cesar Hernandez Romel Pascual
Public Health
Jurisdictions County of Los Angeles Mark Pestrella Angela Driscoll
City of Los Angeles Seleta Reynolds Bridget Smith
San Gabriel COG Mark Christoffels Marisa Creter
San Fernando Valley COG John Bwarie
Gateway COG Nancy Pfeffer Eric Widstrand
South Bay COG Jacki Bacharach Steve Lantz
North County COG Arthur Sohikian Trolis Niebla
Westside Cities COG Cecilia Estolano* Joanna Hankamer
Las Virgenes/Malibu COG Terry Dipple Jessica Arden
Arroyo Verdugo COG Ann Wilson Margaret Lin
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