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Metro is dedicated to the conservation of energy and all natural resources. Investment Recovery Surplus Sales accomplishes that by offering reusable goods for sale to the public. Items being offered for bid are listed here on this website in addition to listings on eBay and Public/Surplus sites. Register here to be included on our solicitations list. Listed below is an assortment of items often available for purchase.


Buses, Bus Parts (New, Used, Core), Fareboxes Rail, Rail Cars, Rail Parts, Rail Ties, Rails, Train Seats, Train Windows

Recycled Products
Scrap Metals, Scrap Pallets, Used Toner Cartridges, Scrap Batteries

Air Pollution Credits

Machinery, Foreign Coins/Mutilated Coins

Cars, Vans, Pickup Trucks, Utility Trucks, Police Cars, Forklifts, Floor Scrubbers, Floor Sweepers, Auto Parts

Telecommunications Equipment
Phones (analog/digital), Cellular Phones, Microwave Equipment, Power Supplies, Bus Radios, Headsigns for buses, Signal Equipment, Test Equipment

Office Equipment and Furniture Office
Furniture, Copy Machines, Computer/Software, Fax Machines, Calculators