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Online Curriculum: Grades 4-5

The Metro Student Field Trip Program curriculum provides teachers and students the tools to learn the safest ways to ride the Metro system. Carefully review and complete each step in order before submitting the Metro Student Field Trip request form.

Grades 4-5

Follow these simple steps to complete the required curriculum.

Step 1

Step 1: Review bus, bike and rail safety rules

Visit the Metro Safety for Kids Interactive site and click on the green ball to review the bus, bike and rail safety rules. (Make sure your students understand these rules before moving on to Step 2.)

Step 2

Step 2: Take the interactive quiz

After you and your students have reviewed the bus, bike and rail safety rules, click on the X at the bottom right to return to the main menu. Once there, click on the purple ball to take the safety quiz.

Step 3

Step 3: Record the Certificate of Completion Code

After completing the safety quiz write down the Certificate of Completion MSFT code. You will need to include this code in your trip request form.

Step 4

Step 4: Review key Metro information

Click on the three links below to review a complete list of safety tips; learn how to plan your trip; know the types of fare accepted; and understand the Rules and Regulations for Riding Metro.

Phone Access

Step 5: Complete and submit Metro Student Field Trip request form:

Once you and your class have completed steps 1 through 4, you may fill out the Metro Student Field Trip request form. (Remember, Metro will only schedule five Metro Student Field Trips per day. Your requested trip is not confirmed until you have filled out the request form completely AND have received confirmation from an authorized Metro employee. After your itinerary and date is confirmed, you will receive your paper Day Passes valid on Metro buses and trains only. Metro does not provide special buses for field trips.)