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School Trippers

School trippers are extra service operated to protect against overcrowding on bus routes serving schools. Metro’s policy on school trippers is based on FTA regulations (49 CFR Part 605). These regulations are directed at protecting the private sector against unfair competition and ensuring that FTA funding is focused on providing services that meet the needs of the “general public.”

School tripper service may be operated if it meets the following criteria:

  • There is sufficient demand to warrant the operation of a tripper;
  • There are sufficient resources to operate a tripper;
  • The school tripper will not result in a significant increase in travel time for regular customers; and
  • The school tripper is operated as part of the regularly scheduled public transportation service.

School tripper service must meet the following requirements:

  • All school trippers must fully comply with established policies and procedures;
  • All regularly scheduled school trippers must be published on public timetables;
  • All locations where trippers board or alight passengers, including the bus stops at deviated routes, must be marked with Metro signage including the bus line numbers servicing the stop;
  • School tripper changes must be provided to the general public by a service change notice or on the Metro website at;;
  • Requests for new school trippers or modifications to existing school trippers will be considered when a minimum notice is given at least two weeks prior giving ample time to complete an appropriate analysis of the request and to allow appropriate notification of changes.