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Service Changes

The Service Changes shown below reflects the June 2011 service change program. View each change by Line Number, Line Name, and a brief description of how the route will be adjusted with alternatives to consider. Based on public comments, these service changes are effective June 26 or later.

June 2011 Service Changes

New schedules start June 26, 2011
Starting June 26, the following Metro bus lines will be adjusted:


Line Name

Final Service Changes


Downtown Los Angeles – Pacific Palisades via Sunset Bl

Implement new eastern short line terminal in Echo Park at Sunset Bl & Alvarado St. Select trips will continue to operate into Downtown LA, along with frequent Lines 4 & 704 . Owl service is unchanged.


Downtown Los Angeles – West Los Angeles – Santa Monica via Santa Monica Bl

Service between City of Santa Monica and West LA will operate after the last scheduled Line 704 trips serve City of Santa Monica. Patrons with destinations west of Sepulveda Bl may ride Line 704 select trips or Big Blue Bus Line 1 . Owl service is unchanged.


Downtown LA – Santa Monica via Wilshire Bl

Service between City of Santa Monica and Westwood will operate after the last scheduled Big Blue Bus Line 2 trips serve City of Santa Monica. Patrons with destinations west of Westwood Bl may ride Line 720 select trips or Big Blue Bus Line 2 . Owl service is unchanged.


Hollywood – Compton – Artesia Transit Center via Avalon Bl

Discontinue service on Virgil Av and reallocate resources to enhance lines 51/ 52/ 352 . Patrons with destinations north of 7th St. may ride Line 51/ 52/ 352 to Wilshire/Vermont and transfer to Lines 204/ 754 or Metro Red Line .

94 / 794

Line 94
Downtown LA – Sun Valley via San Fernando Rd

Line 794
Downtown LA – Sylmar Station via San Fernando Rd, Brand Bl

Discontinue weekend Line 794 service and improve Line 94 service from Line 794 resources. Extend Line 94 route to Sylmar Station on weekends.

96 / 155

Line 96
Downtown LA – Sherman Oaks via Riverside Dr., LA Zoo

Line 155
Universal City – Burbank Station via Riverside Dr – Alameda Av

Shorten Line 96 northern terminal at Burbank Station. Modify Line 155 route to replace canceled Line 96 segment between Burbank Station & Sherman Oaks. Service proposed to operate on Olive Av instead of Alameda Av in Media District and extended via Riverside Dr to Sherman Oaks. Line 155 will operate on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays using current Line 96 frequencies.

176 / 287

Line 176
Highland Park – El Monte Station via Mission St & Mission Dr.

Line 287
El Monte Station – The Shops at Montebello via Tyler Av & Rush St

Combine Line 287 with Line 176 at El Monte Station. Frequency on both lines will be 45 minutes, all day. Lines 176 and 287 will both serve Bay 6.


Hollywood – Glendale – Pasadena via Los Feliz Bl & Colorado Bl

New late night shuttle service on Lake Av between Colorado Bl and Altadena Dr, providing connections to the Metro Gold Line service at Lake Av Station. Shuttle will operate all days.


Imperial/ Wilmington Station San Pedro via Wilmington Av, Vermont Av & Western Av

In San Pedro, extend service on 1st St. and 7th St to Harbor Bl. Service on Pacific Av between 1st and 7th Streets will be discontinued.


Hollywood – Athens via Western Av

Operate service with articulated buses. Extend selected trips to Crenshaw Green Line Station weekdays in the early morning and evening, and all day Saturdays and Sundays.


South Bay Galleria – Hollywood via Crenshaw Bl

First southbound stop moved from Argyle & Hollywood to Hollywood & Vine.


Vermont/Sunset – Fairfax/Washington via Hollywood Bl & Fairfax Av

Discontinue service east of the Metro Red Line Hollywood/Vine Station. Additional service east of Hollywood/Vine is provided by Lines 180/ 181/ 780 or the Metro Red Line . Owl service will continue to operate to Vermont/Sunset Station.

230 / 634

Line 230
Sylmar Station – Studio City via Laurel Canyon Bl

Line 634
Mission College – Sylmar Station via Hubbard Av/St

Combine Line 634 route with Line 230 to Mission College, eliminating a transfer. Line 634 will be canceled.


San Pedro – Artesia Transit Center via Avalon Bl
Mission College – Sylmar Station via Hubbard Av/St

Discontinue Line 247 . Line 205 will be extended to serve Harbor Bl between 1st and 7th Streets. Additionally, weekend service between Artesia Transit Center and Harbor Fwy Green Line Station will be discontinued.


Downtown LA – Hawthorne Station via Manchester Bl

Discontinue service upon completion of new Line 115 stop at Manchester Harbor Transitway Station.


San Pedro – Union Station via Pacific Av, First St, Harbor Beacon Park Ride Lot & Harbor Transitway

Discontinue service and replace with extended Line 450X to San Pedro on weekday peak period trips. Off-peak and weekend service will operate between San Pedro and Artesia Transit Center, providing connections to Metro Silver Line .


Artesia Transit Center – Downtown LA via Harbor Transitway

Extend selected peak trips to San Pedro and operate mid-day and weekend service between Artesia Transit Center and San Pedro.


Downtown LA via Lake Av & El Monte Busway

Operate Line 485 from Altadena/Lake to Patsaouras Transit Plaza between the hours of 6am and 9pm with a frequency of 40 minutes at peak hours and 60 minutes off-peak, weekdays only. Discontinue Saturday and Sunday service. Late night weekday service on Lake Av will be provided by a new Line 180 shuttle.


Downtown LA – Sierra Madre Villa Station – El Monte Station

Modify route in the East Pasadena area to operate along Foothill Bl between San Gabriel Bl and Halsted St. Service along San Gabriel Bl/ Sierra Madre Bl between Foothill Bl and Sierra Madre Villa Av will be discontinued. Use Line 264 on Altadena Dr or Line 268 on Orange Grove Bl for nearby alternate service.


El Monte Station – Downtown Long Beach via I-605 Fwy

Move southern terminal to Long Beach VA Hospital. For service west of the VA Hospital, transfer on 7th St. to Long Beach Transit Lines 91, 92, 93, 94 and 96 .


South Gate Shuttle

Operate service hourly.


Cypress Park – Huntington Park via Soto St

Discontinue Saturday service and reallocate resources to enhance Line 251 service.


Hollywood – Hawthorne via Western Av

Discontinue weekend service.


Downtown LA – Artesia Station via Long Beach Bl

Discontinue service south of Metro Green Line ; discontinue Sunday service and augment Line 60 service. Patrons destined south of the Metro Green Line may take Line 60 to complete their trip.


Pacoima – North Hollywood Station via Van Nuys Bl & Burbank Bl

Discontinue demonstration service. Alternate service available by using existing Lines 233 or and 761 , and transferring to Metro Orange Line to North Hollywood Station.

Silver Line

El Monte – Los Angeles – Artesia Transit Center

Service improved on the Harbor Transitway to every 15 minutes weekday middays, and to every 40 minutes on Saturdays.

40/42 , 704 , 728

Downtown Los Angeles

Lines 40/ 42, 704, and 728 will now provide direct service into the Patsaouras Transit Plaza.