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Every six months, typically in June and December, Metro Operations undergoes a service change program or “shakeup.” Bus schedules are adjusted to accommodate ridership demands and improve connections between Metro Bus, Metro Rail and other transit services throughout the region. Metro’s online trip planning info in the Metro Trip Planner, Google Transit and Bing Maps is updated as part of the cycle.

Metro Service Planning, Scheduling & Development staff develops and evaluates each service change program based on input from patrons, employees, studies, local operator requests, and performance monitoring results in accordance with Transit Service Policy guidelines

The evaluation process includes a formal public review of the proposals, a technical evaluation of ridership and resource impacts based on established service guidelines and standards, environmental considerations, and coordination with key stakeholders in the regional bus system.

Federal guidelines and Metro policy require that a public hearing be held when major service changes to the bus and rail system are considered. Metro conducts outreach to notify the public of the upcoming changes, conducts ride-a-longs on impacted lines, convenes public hearings, and surveys riders for public comment. Proposed service change information is also made available onboard Metro buses and trains, and on a dedicated web page .

Once a program is reviewed and approved by the Service Councils and then the Board of Directors , the proposed service changes go into effect, and new public timetables and bus operator work assignments are developed.