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Metro is making service changes

New schedules start June 24, 2018

Metro adjusts bus and rail service in June and December to improve productivity and service quality, implement new initiatives, and to respond to changes in the operating environment.

For June 24, 2018, service changes include implementation of the Warner Center Service Plan, minor route and schedule adjustments, and implementation of All Door Boarding on Line 754 (Vermont Av).

The following changes will be made to services in Warner Center:

Orange Line – Service into Warner Center from Canoga Station will be discontinued and replaced with a new shuttle route (Line 601). Connections from other bus lines to the Orange Line at the current Warner Center stop at Oxnard and Owensmouth will be relocated to Canoga Station, a safer and more comfortable off-street transfer location.

In addition, owl trips will be extended from the Reseda Station terminal west to Canoga Station.

Warner Center Shuttle – Line 601 – New shuttle bus service will be implemented between Canoga Station and Kaiser Hospital via Westfield Topanga/The Village and Warner Center business park. The new the shuttle will provide 10 new stops and will operate every 10 minutes throughout the day, seven days a week.

The following bus lines will be modified:

Lines 150, 161, 164, 169, 245 and 750 – These lines will be extended to Canoga Station to maintain connections with the Metro Orange Line and streamlined to provide faster and more intuitive routing to and through Warner Center.

As with each schedule change cycle, minor service adjustments are made to improve on-time performance and match scheduled service to travel demand, as well as to adjust to safety concerns and changes in the operating environment, such as roadway impacts from construction, including:

Improved Efficiency and Service Quality

Line 45 – Shorten two late-night northbound trips and four southbound trips to San Pedro and Rosecrans. This change completes similar changes implemented in December 2017. Replacement service is provided by Line 246 that now operates 24-hour service.

Line 60 – To reduce turns, the route has been modified in downtown LA on westbound 7th St, extending the route to Figueroa St.

Line 177 – To improve stop spacing and provide a new connection to Pasadena Transit Line 20 and Metro Line 258, a stop was added at Lake Av at California Bl. A nearby stop on California Bl at Wilson Av was discontinued.

Line 206 – Layover relocated to Vermont Av/120th St due to request from GTrans (Gardena) to improve parking access on the 105 Freeway bridge at the Vermont Station.

Line 605 – Turnaround loop modified at the southern terminal at Grand Vista Av at Olympic Bl to provide improved on-time performance and recovery time at the USC Medical Center northern terminal.

Line 720 – Turnaround loop modified in downtown Santa Monica to reduce turns and improve on-time performance.

Line 745 – Rapid stop added at Adams and Venice Bls to match other north/south Rapid lines and improve access to nearby USC.

Line 754 – Patrons may now board all doors with a valid TAP Card.

Norwalk Transit Center – Renumbered bay assignments to improve on-time performance of Line 111 by eliminating double looping of the transit center.

Improved Safety

Line 215 – Due to hazardous conditions and increased traffic conditions, discontinued stop on eastbound Manchester Bl farside of Market St; access is provided by a nearby stop on Manchester Bl at Grevillea Av.

Line 264 – Due to accessibility safety and stop spacing issues, the stop at New York Dr and Pepper Dr was eliminated in conjunction with City of Pasadena’s street improvements.


Lines 4, 14, 16, 704 – Due to completion of the Santa Monica Bl repaving project in Beverly Hills, bus routes previously on long-term detour returned to regular routes on the boulevard.

Line 14 – To accommodate Purple Line construction in Beverly Hills, implemented a long-term route change at the intersection of Beverly Dr and Wilshire Bl.

Lines 37, 38, 55, 355 – These lines have been detoured for six months due to sidewalk pedestrian improvements along Grand Av and Hill St being implemented by LACC Trade Tech.

Line 102 – Westbound route moved from Jenny Av to Airport Bl due to LAWA closing Jenny Av due to Automated People Mover construction.

Line 115 – Due to long terminal sewer main project conducted by LADOT, westbound service rerouted in Playa del Rey south to a new layover on Culver Bl at Vista Del Mar. For complete details, look for revised timetables on or on buses during June.

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