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High Capacity Bus

Metro operates two high-capacity vehicle types: 45-foot buses with 46 seats and articulated 60-foot buses with 57 seats. Ideally these high-capacity vehicles should primarily be operated on high-volume trunk service routes such as Wilshire Blvd. (Line 720), Vermont Blvd. (Lines 204, and 754), and Olympic Blvd. (Line 66), which currently operate 60-foot articulated buses.

One advantage to their deployment is the opportunity to reduce vehicle requirements and service hours; however their deployment should not increase service intervals to the point where riders notice degradation in service quality. For this reason, bus lines with peak headway of five minutes or less (frequency of 12 trips or more an hour) are ideal candidates for this type of vehicle. In evaluating services for higher capacity vehicles other factors must be considered, including: facility compatibility, street design, and potential impacts to services where schedules have been interlined.