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Public Hearing Process

Metro Service Councils provide a forum for the community and local municipal operators to express needs and priorities, and evaluate opportunities and issues with service coordination. The service councils oversee the planning and implementation of service within their service area, while coordination of the overall Service Change Program is an agency function within the purview of Metro Service Planning, Scheduling and Development staff. The service council by-laws require service changes to Tier 1 and Metro Rapid bus routes to be reviewed and approved by the Metro Board of Directors.

Tier 1 bus routes generally operate along the major corridors in the County. The responsibilities of the service councils include calling and conducting public hearings for area bus lines, review and development of policy recommendations to the Metro Board, and ensuring compliance with Metro policies procedures and legal agreements.

After a Service Change Program has been developed by Metro Service Planning staff, the Service Councils are asked to set a date, time and place for the public hearings. During the period between publication of the hearing notices and the conduct of the hearings, each service council is provided with a detailed presentation and opportunity to discuss each of the changes that will be the subject of public comment. Subsequent to each hearing, each service council will meet to consider and approve all proposed service changes. These actions will then be summarized and presented in an informational report to the Metro Board of Directors.