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500-599 Timetables (Preview)

Express Service in other areas

New Schedules effective June 24, 2018

Metro Timetables are in PDF format and are subject to change without notice. Adobe® Acrobat Reader plug-in required for previewing.

NOTE: Only schedules listed are being updated on June 24, 2018. If your schedule is NOT listed, visit our Timetables section or use the Trip Planner .

400-499 600-699
Line Description Effective Date
534 Metro Local - Eastbound to Downtown Santa Monica Station / Westbound to Malibu via Pacific Coast Hwy 06/24/18
577 Metro Express - Northbound to El Monte Station Southbound to Long Beach VA Med Center via I-605 Fwy 06/24/18
400-499 600-699
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