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Final Report

Full Final Report

Please take time to review the Metro Disparity Study

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary presents an overview of the findings from the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Disparity Study. It summarizes the key statistical findings from the Prime Contractor Utilization Analysis, Subcontractor Utilization Analysis, Market Area Analysis, Prime and Subcontractor Availability Analysis, Regression Analysis and Disparity Analysis. The Executive Summary also provides a brief review of the Anecdotal Analysis and presents the Race and Gender-Neutral Recommendations.

Chapter Document Description
Chapter 1 Legal Analysis Case law applicable to business affirmative action programs and the methodology based on those cases required for the Study.
Chapter 2 Contracting and Procurement Policies Metro’s contracting and procurement practices.
Chapter 3 Prime Contractor Utilization Analysis Distribution of prime contracts by industry, ethnicity, and gender.
Chapter 4 Subcontractor Utilization Analysis Distribution of subcontracts by industry, ethnicity, and gender.
Chapter 5 Market Area Analysis Legal basis for geographical market area determination and defines Metro’s market area.
Chapter 6 Prime and Subcontractor Availability Analysis Distribution of available businesses in Metro’s market area.
Chapter 7 Regression and Private Sector Analysis Examination of whether there are private sector economic indicators of discrimination in Metro’s market area that could impact the formation and development of DBEs.
Chapter 8 Anecdotal Analysis Business community’s perceptions of barriers encountered in contracting or attempting to contract with Metro.
Chapter 9 Disparity Analysis Contractor utilization compared to the contractor availability by industry and DBE status and determines whether the comparison is statistically significant.
Chapter 10 Recommendations Race and gender neutral remedies to enhance Metro’s DBE Program and its contracting with DBEs and other small businesses.
Appendix A & B Overall DBE Goal Setting Report