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Regional Service Council Quarterly Meet and Confer with Art Leahy Agenda*

Location & Date

Metro Headquarters Building - Heritage Conference Room, One Gateway Plaza, 13th Floor, Los Angeles
Monday, May 21, 2012 2:30 p.m.


Arthur T. Leahy, Chief Executive Officer

Paul Taylor, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Frank Alejandro, Chief Operations Officer
Lynda Bybee, Deputy Executive Officer, Community Relations
Jon Hillmer, Director Regional Service Councils

Council Representatives:

Gateway Cities
Wally Shidler, Chair
Lillie Dobson, Vice Chair
Josue Barrios
Richard Burnett
Jo Ann Eros-Delgado
Sergio Infanzon
Cheri Kelley
Marisa Perez
Cynde Soto

San Fernando Valley
Kymberleigh Richards, Chair
Jesus Ochoa, Vice Chair
Dr. Richard Arvizu
Gary Bric
Michael Cano
Donald Weissman

San Gabriel Valley
Rosie Vasquez, Chair
Steven Ly, Vice Chair
Harry Baldwin
Alex Gonzalez
Bruce Heard
David Spence

South Bay Council
Ralph Franklin, Chair
John Addleman, Vice Chair
Devon Deming
James Goodhart
Rena Kambara
Roye Love
Robert Pullen-Miles
Don Szerlip
Kim Turner

Joe Stitcher, Chair
Jeffrey Jacobberger, Vice Chair
Peter Capone-Newton
Perri Sloan Goodman
Art Ida
Elliott Petty
Glenn Rosten
Jerard Wright                   

Introduction of Presenters by Jon Hillmer

  1.  Welcoming Remarks, Jon Hillmer
  2.  Metro Bus and Rail Performance Targets for FY 13, Frank Alejandro
  3. Measure R Status, Paul Taylor 
  4. FY 13-14 Metro Budget Outlook, Paul Taylor
  5.  Update on Projects in Los Angeles County, Lynda Bybee

  Comments and questions from the Council Members