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Quarterly Service Councils Meet and Confer with Art Leahy Agenda*

Location & Date

Metro Headquarters Building - Heritage Conference Room, One Gateway Plaza, 13th Floor, Los Angeles
Tuesday, January 28, 2014 2:00 p.m.


Arthur T. Leahy, Chief Executive Officer
Paul Taylor, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Debra A. Johnson, Interim Chief Operations Officer
Noelia Rodriguez, Chief Communications Officer
Kimberly Yu, Chief Policy Officer
Jon Hillmer, Director, Regional Service Councils

Service Council Members:

Gateway Cities
Marisa Perez, Chair
Richard Burnett, Vice Chair
Aja Brown
Gene Daniels
Jo Ann Eros-Delgado
Cheri Kelley
Ana Maria Quintana
Wally Shidler
Cynde Soto

San Fernando Valley
Michael Cano, Chair
Donald Weissman, Vice Chair
Dr. Richard Arvizu
Gary Bric
Antonio Lopez
Jesus R. Ochoa
Kymberleigh Richards
Dennis Washburn

San Gabriel Valley
Harry Baldwin, Chair
John Harabedian, Vice Chair
Juventino Gomez
Alex Gonzalez
John Harrington
Bruce Heard
Steven Ly
David Spence
Rosie Vasquez

South Bay
Ralph Franklin, Chair
John Addleman, Vice Chair
Devon Deming
Jack Gabig
James Goodhart
Patricia Lin Hachiya
Roye Love
Robert Pullen-Miles
Don Szerlip

Jeffrey Jacobberger, Chair
Elliott Petty, Vice Chair
Perri Sloan Goodman
Randal Henry
Art Ida
Glenn Rosten
Joseph Stitcher
George Taule


1. Welcome and Introductions, Jon Hillmer, Director, Regional Service Councils

2. Meet and Confer with Art Leahy, CEO

3. Introduction of Debra Johnson, Interim Chief Operations Officer, Noelia Rodriguez, Chief Communications Officer, and Kimberly Yu, Chief Policy Officer

4. Potential Line Naming Convention Changes, Renee Berlin, Executive Officer, Countywide Planning & Development, and Cory Zelmer, Transportation Planning Manager

5. Fare Structure Study Update, Anelli-Michelle Navarro, Interim Director, Countywide Planning & Development [HANDOUT]

6. Council Member Questions and Comments

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