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Planning & Programming Committee Agenda*

Location & Date

Metro Board Room, One Gateway Plaza, 3rd Floor, Los Angeles
Wednesday, September 14, 2011 1:00 p.m.


Call to Order:

Diane DuBois, Chair
Zev Yaroslavsky, Vice Chair
Michael Antonovich
Richard Katz
Pam O'Connor
Michael Miles, non-voting member

Arthur T. Leahy, Chief Executive Officer
Michele Jackson, Board Secretary
Karen Gorman, Ethics Officer
Karen Gorman, Acting Inspector General
County Counsel, General Counsel

9. AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to award and execute:

A. a cost plus fixed fee, Contract No. PS 4710-2755, to CH2M Hill Inc. in the amount of $37,300,000 for a professional services contract to prepare an EIR/EIS that includes alternatives analyses, technical assessments, conceptual and preliminary engineering, and a project report, for the State Route 710 Gap Project from Interstate 10 to State Route 134/Interstate 210;

B. contract modification authority for up to 15% of the contract value to cover the cost of any potentially unforeseen issues that may arise during the environmental, engineering and community participation phase.

10. CONSIDER the following actions for the 2011 Countywide Call for Projects:

A. approving the recommendations responding to the Technical Advisory Committee motions regarding the 2011 Call for Projects and additional funding recommendations;

B. programming $123,516 million in eight modal categories as shown in Attachment B of the Board report. This amount also programs the 2011 Deobligations and the Long Range Transportation Plan Call for Projects reserve;

C. approving all projects in (Attachment B) for potential nomination to the California Transportation Commission for 2012 State Transportation Improvement funds, as necessary;

D. amending the recommended 2011 Call for Projects Program of Projects into the FY2011-2012 Los Angeles County Regional Transportation Improvement Program (Regional TIP);

E. administering the 2011 Call for Projects as a project-specific grant program with the requirement that project sponsors bear all cost increases;

F. authorizing the Chief Executive Officer to administratively provide project sponsors with funding in earlier years than shown, if the project sponsor can demonstrate project readiness to proceed, has sufficient local match and such funds are available; and

G. adopting the resolution as required by the Southern California Association of Governments which certifies that Los Angeles County has the resources to fund the projects in the FY 2011-2012 Regional TIP and affirms its commitment to implement all of the projects in the program.

11. APPROVE the proposed reallocation of previously approved Measure R highway operational improvement project funding for the Arroyo Verdugo Subregion.

12. CONSIDER the transfer of up to 41 Caltrans park and ride facilities to MTA. Transfer activities to include:

A. authorizing staff to initiate work on amending the Interstate 105 Amended Final Consent Decree, Civil No. 72-355-HP, to enable transfer of selected park and ride facilities located along Interstate 105 and Interstate 110;

B. authorizing staff to work with Caltrans to determine additional transferable park and ride facilities located along or adjacent to freeways and state highways located within Los Angeles County;

C. authorizing the Chief Executive Officer to enter into an agreement to accept title and all Caltrans rights and interest in the above mentioned park-and-ride facilities; and

D. assuming all maintenance and operations of the transferred park and ride facilities and, as indicated, returning them to a "state of good repair."


A. approving the Project Definition, which is based on the Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) of an 8.5 mile Light Rail project from Crenshaw/Exposition to Metro Green Line Aviation station with 6 stations that was previously approved by the Board in December 2009 and incorporate several changes including:

1. La Brea Avenue Grade Separation;
2. Below-grade segment from Exposition Boulevard to 39th Street;
3. Partially Covered Trench Adjacent to LAX as an interim condition;
4. Maintenance Facility near LAX (Arbor Vitae/Bellanca);

B. certifying the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor Final Environmental Impact Statement/Final Environmental Impact Report. This action is contingent upon the Federal Transit Administration approving the document for public availability to satisfy requirements of both the National Environmental Policy Act and California Environmental Quality Act;

C. authorizing the Chief Executive Officer to file a Notice of Determination with the Los Angeles County Clerk and State of California Clearinghouse; and

D. adopting the:

1. Finding of Fact and Statement of Overriding Considerations in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act and
2. Mitigation Monitoring & Reporting Plan.

14. CONSIDER the following actions regarding the Antelope Valley Line Infrastructure Improvement Strategic Plan (AVL Study): 

A. amending the FY 2011-12 budget by $500,000 to hire a consultant to complete the AVL Study;

B. amending the FY 2011-12 budget by $500,000 to retain the services of SCRRA for modeling efforts in support of the AVL Study;

C. amending the FY 2011-12 budget by $2,000,000 to hire consultants and retain the services of SCRRA for the next two corridor studies;

D. receiving and filing the AVL Study update for September 2011; and

E. extending the date to March 2012 for reporting final results to the MTA Board.

15. RECEIVE AND FILE report on the new Freeway Beautification Pilot Project. - [HANDOUT]

16. RECEIVE AND FILE an update on the progress of the development of the Measure R Highway Operational Improvements in the Las Virgenes/Malibu Subregion.

17. RECEIVE AND FILE an update on the progress of the development of the Measure R Highway Operational Improvements in the South Bay Subregion.

18. RECEIVE update on Regional Rail Matters.

19. RECEIVE report of the Chief Executive Officer.

Consideration of items not on the posted agenda, including: items to be presented and (if requested) referred to staff; items to be placed on the agenda for action at a future meeting of the Committee or Board; and/or items requiring immediate action because of an emergency situation or where the need to take immediate action came to the attention of the Committee subsequent to the posting of the agenda.