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Planning & Programming Committee Agenda*

Location & Date

Metro Board Room, One Gateway Plaza, 3rd Floor, Los Angeles
Wednesday, March 14, 2012 1:00 p.m.


Call to Order:

Diane DuBois, Chair
Zev Yaroslavsky, Vice Chair
Michael Antonovich
Richard Katz
Pam O'Connor
Michael Miles, non-voting member

Arthur T. Leahy, Chief Executive Officer
Michele Jackson, Board Secretary
Karen Gorman, Ethics Officer
Karen Gorman, Acting Inspector General
County Counsel, General Counsel

5. CONSIDER adding a San Fernando Valley Council of Governments member and alternate to our legislatively mandated Technical Advisory Committee.

6. RECERTIFY the Measure R Highway Operational Improvement Project Lists for projects for the Highway Operational Improvements in Arroyo Verdugo and Las Virgenes/Malibu Subregions, and for Interstates 405, 110, 105 and SR-91 Ramp and Interchange Improvements.

7. AUTHORIZE the CEO to enter and execute a Cooperative Agreement with the South Bay Cities Council of Governments for administration of the Approved Project List for Interstates 405, 110, 105 and SR-91 Ramp and Interchange Improvements.

8. AUTHORIZE the CEO to enter into a Funding Agreement with Caltrans in the amount of $100,000 for development of the Project Study Report for the Highway 101 Auxiliary Lane Project.

9. WITHDRAWN CONSIDER reducing the scope of work for the 3rd Street and La Verne Avenue Parking Structure - Call for Projects #F1414 from a parking structure with 370 parking spaces to a surface lot with 87 parking spaces for transit patrons.


A. Amending the Measure R Contingency Policy to stipulate that it applies to net bond interest costs after:

1. Adding Measure R interest earnings, and

2. Exempting interest costs for the Build America Bond/tax exempt bond package that predated the policy;

B. Amending the Fiscal Year 2011 Budget Policy to Reimburse Funding Sources Used as Advance Funding to Accelerate Measure R Projects to:

1. Permit reimbursements at the end of the Measure R scheduled funding period for each project;

2. Permit the planned use of the funds reimbursed to the State Repayment of Capital Project Loans funds for subsequent project segments included in the funded Long Range Transportation Plan, but require that such planned uses be brought to the Board for specific approval when a life of project budget including such funds is adopted;

3. To include the definitions and assumptions described; and

C. Receiving and filing report, which includes a summary status on the use of authority delegated to the Chief Executive Officer.

11. AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to amend MOU P00I5JPA with the I-5 Joint Powers Authority to include an additional preconstruction mitigation project and extend the period of performance.

12. RECEIVE AND FILE report on the status of Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority's National Transit Database reporting on behalf of local transit operators in Los Angeles County.

13. RECEIVE AND FILE the Restoration of Historic Streetcar Service in Downtown Los Angeles Alternatives Analysis Study. (ALSO ON CONSTRUCTION COMMITTEE) [HANDOUT]

14. RECEIVE AND FILE report on the status of the Antelope Valley Line Infrastructure Improvement Strategy project for infrastructure improvements that enhance corridor safety, increase passenger rail service, improve operative efficiency, and reduce travel times in this rail corridor between Los Angeles Union Station and the Cities of Palmdale and Lancaster. [HANDOUT]

15. RECEIVE AND FILE report on potential options for providing transit services to Westchester.

16. RECEIVE AND FILE report on the Metro Freeway Beautification Pilot Project.

17. RECEIVE AND FILE the Regional Rail Update through February 2012. [HANDOUT]

18. RECEIVE oral update on highway projects budget and schedule status report.

19. RECEIVE oral report on Bicycle Model Development Status.

20. RECEIVE oral update on the Countywide Bus Rapid Transit Study Status.

21. RECEIVE report of the Chief Executive Officer.

Consideration of items not on the posted agenda, including: items to be presented and (if requested) referred to staff; items to be placed on the agenda for action at a future meeting of the Committee or Board; and/or items requiring immediate action because of an emergency situation or where the need to take immediate action came to the attention of the Committee subsequent to the posting of the agenda.