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Metro Public Private Partnership Roundtable Agenda*

Location & Date

Metro Headquarters Building - William Mulholland Conference Room, One Gateway Plaza, , 15th Floor , Los Angeles
Tuesday, May 13, 2014 8:00 a.m.


8:00 AM

Registration, Coffee and Networking

8:30 AM

Introductions of Roundtable Participants & Agencies, Pat Mason, Event Moderator

Introduce CEO, David Yale, Managing Executive Officer

Formal Welcome, Art Leahy, Metro CEO

8:45 AM

Introductory Comments and Program Kick‐off: Metro Chair Diane Dubois

  • Supervisor Antonovich

9:15 AM

Metro P3 Projects Overview, David Yale

  • SR 710 North, Frank Quon
  • I‐710 South Freight Corridor, Frank Quon
  • Sepulveda Pass Transportation Corridor, David Mieger
  • High Desert Multimodal Corridor, Lan Saadatnejadi
  • Discussion/Questions

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Roundtable Breakout Sessions (Moderated by Metro Staff)

Risk Management (Silverlake Conference Room 18th floor) Greg Kildare

Revenue Risks
Inter‐Agency Public Risk Allocation
Performance Risks
1st Party Risk Allocation (Property and Environmental)
3rd Party Risks Allocation (Casualty)

ExpressLanes Interface & Procurement (Monterey Conf Rm. 17th floor) Stephanie Wiggins

ExpressLanes Interface
Toll Feasibility/Planning

P3 Financing Issues (Planning Conference Room 23rd floor) Mark Linsenmayer/Donna Mills

Private Finance vs. Public Finance
Taxable vs. non‐Taxable borrowing in California

Institutional (Chair’s Conference Room, 3rd floor) David Yale

Structure and Organization of P3 Program Unit
P3/Project Delivery Authority and Responsibility (Including Public and Private Stakeholders)

11:00 AM


11:10 AM

Recap Roundtable Discussions, Pat Mason (Metro/ALL)

11:30 AM

Keynote Address, Mayor Eric Garcetti

12:00 PM

Lunch Break

1:00 PM

Roundtable Program 3: Institutional and Technical Hurdles, Pat Mason

  • Statutory and Regulatory Issues
  • Best Value vs. Low Bid
  • Pre‐Development Agreements
  • Streamlining Approval Processes

1:30 PM

Moving Forward/Recommendation, Pat Mason/ALL

  • What Policies Should be Incorporated in MAP‐21 Reauthorization?
  • Should an Industry Action Group Be Established?

2:00 PM

Formal Program Closing, Pat Mason

  • Develop Report Recommending Next Steps