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Executive Management and Audit Committee Agenda*

Location & Date

Metro Board Room, One Gateway Plaza, 3rd Floor, Los Angeles
Thursday, October 17, 2013 11:30 a.m.


Call to Order

Diane DuBois, Chair
Eric Garcetti, Vice Chair
Mark Ridley-Thomas, 2nd Vice Chair
Michael Antonovich
Don Knabe
Carrie Bowen, non-voting member

Arthur T. Leahy, Chief Executive Officer
Michele Jackson, Board Secretary
Karen Gorman, Ethics Officer
Karen Gorman, Acting Inspector General
County Counsel, General Counsel

52. RECEIVE report of the Chief Executive Officer.

53. RECEIVE report of the Chief Communications Officer.

54. RECEIVE oral TAP Working Group update.

54.1 RECEIVE oral report on the Destination Discount Program.

55. RECEIVE oral Federal/State Affairs update.

67. AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to award four 48-month, firm fixed price contracts (Contract No. PS71303070A, B, C & D), effective January 1, 2014 to Aprea & Micheli, Inc., Fernandez Government Solutions, LLC, Robert W. Naylor Advocacy and Shaw/Yoder/Antwih, Inc. for state legislative advocacy services in a cumulative amount not to exceed $2,000,000, inclusive of two, one-year options for each contract.


A. placement of a monument commemorating Senator Alfred Hoyun Song on the Wilshire/Western Purple Line plaza; and

B. on-going maintenance, repair and lighting of the monument by Metro. The monument will be designed, produced and installed by contractors procured by the Senator Alfred Hoyun Song Commemoration Committee.

57. APPROVE staff's recommendation to revise the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority's (Metro) Rules and Procedures for public input. The changes will modify existing language pertaining to:

A. Public Input for Agenda items, including general public comment;

B. Public Input for Groups and Organizations; and

C. Rules regarding Disruptive Behavior/Removal from Meetings.

66. APPROVE Motion by Directors Garcetti, Yaroslavsky, Knabe, Bonin and O'Connor that the MTA Board direct the CEO to:

A. adopt as policy MTA's support of bicycles as a formal transportation mode;

B. convene a bicycle share industry review in November 2013 in order to advise on procuring a regional bicycle share vendor for Los Angeles County;

C. report back to the Board at the January 2014 meeting with the results of the industry review, including a business case analysis and recommendations on proceeding with a Request for Proposals (RFP) to implement a regional bicycle share program; and

D. include in the analysis a phased approach for implementing this program based on area readiness, including, but not limited to, an examination of existing bicycle infrastructure, existing advertising policies, current ridership trends, and transit station locations.

58. CARRIED OVER: REVISE the Advertising Content Guidelines contained in the Board-approved Metro System Advertising policy (COM 6) to prohibit advertising content that is adverse to Metro's commercial and administrative interests, and to clarify restrictions regarding vulgarity.

59. APPROVE an increase to the Contract Modification Authority performed under Contract No. OP2461010 with Cubic Transportation Systems by $401,591 to reconcile past expenditures for a total contract modification authority of $149,887,780. Total contract value, including modifications, is $229,118,857. No additional funding is being requested.

60. AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to negotiate a salary within the pay range for the positions of:

A. Interim Chief Operations Officer, pay grade CC ($209,706 - $258,170 - $306,675) and for the future permanent Chief Operations Officer; and

B. Deputy Chief Executive Officer, pay grade DD ($262,475 - $320,236 - $377,977) whenever the position becomes vacant.

65. APPROVE Director Ridley-Thomas Motion that the Chief Executive Officer develop a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) contracting and procurement program incorporating the following:

A. a mandatory contract goal for Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises for the Board to consider after surveying other jurisdictions including, but not limited to, the Metropolitan Water District, the City of Los Angeles, the County of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Unified School District and the Los Angeles Community College District;

B. utilization of the State of California's Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise certification process for Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Certification Eligibility Requirements; and

C. providing preference to DVBE's whose principal office is located within the County of Los Angeles to the extent allowable by State and Federal laws. Report back to the January 2014 Executive Management Committee.

61. RECEIVE AND FILE report on the Non-Represented Employee Performance Award Program.

62. RECEIVE AND FILE status report on Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and Small Business Enterprise programs update as requested at the September 19, 2013, Executive Management Committee meeting.

63. RECEIVE quarterly update on Veterans Hiring Initiative.

Consideration of items not on the posted agenda, including: items to be presented and (if requested) referred to staff; items to be placed on the agenda for action at a future meeting of the Committee or Board; and/or items requiring immediate action because of an emergency situation or where the need to take immediate action came to the attention of the Committee subsequent to the posting of the agenda.