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Westside/Central Public Hearing Agenda*

Location & Date

Virtual Meeting, , Los Angeles
Wednesday, August 26, 2020 6:00 p.m.


Watch Online: Link to stream will appear here under Upcoming Events when the hearing begins
Listen By Phone: Dial 877.422.8614, enter Meeting Extension 3462155# (English)
Escuchar Por Teléfono: Marque al 877.422.8614, ingresar la extensión 4127050# (Español)
Слушать по телефону: Набрать номер 877.422.8614, дополнительный 4127062# (Русский)

Call to Order

Council Members:

Martha Eros, Chair
Alfonso Directo Jr., Vice Chair
David Feinberg
Francisco Gomez
Ernesto Hidalgo
Elliott Petty
Desa Philadelphia
George Taulé


Dolores Ramos, Chief Administrative Analyst
Conan Cheung, Senior Executive Officer
Joe Forgiarini, Senior Director, Service Performance & Analysis
Carl Torres, Transportation Planning Manager
Patrick Chandler, Community Relations Manager
Albert Kuan, Transportation Associate

  1. CALL to Order and Remarks by Hearing Officer
  2. Purpose of Public Hearing and Hearing Procedures
    1. READING of Statement Regarding Publication of Notices and Dissemination of Public Information, Dolores Ramos, Chief Administrative Analyst
  3. PRESENTATION of Proposed NextGen Bus Plan Service Changes for the Westside Central Cities to be Implemented in December 2020 or Later, Conan Cheung, Senior Executive Officer Senior Director, Carl Torres, Transportation Planning Manager
  4. RECEIVE Public Comments on Proposed NextGen Bus Plan Changes
    Councilmembers and staff will receive comments and will not discuss or respond to any comments beyond clarifying or correcting any misunderstanding of a proposal by commenters.
    • Submit your eComment to be read during the hearing here
    • Comment in English: Dial 877.422.8614, enter extension 3756376#. Callers will be announced by the area code and last four numbers of their phone number, then given up to two minutes to make comments.
    • Comentar en español: Marque al 877.422.8614, ingresar la extensión 4127057#. Los llamantes serán anunciados por el código de área y los últimos cuatro números de su número de teléfono; luego se les dará hasta dos minutos para hacer comentarios.
    • Оставить предложения и замечания на русском языке: Набрать номер 877.422.8614, дополнительный 4127071#Звонящие будут объявлены по коду города и последним четырем цифрам их телефонного номера, и затем получат возможность оставить комментарий продолжительностью до двух минут.
  5. Closing Remarks by Councilmembers and Hearing Officer

Consideration of items not on the posted agenda, including: items to be presented and (if requested) referred to staff; items to be placed on the agenda for action at a future meeting of the Council; and/or items requiring immediate action because of an emergency situation or where the need to take immediate action came to the attention of the Council subsequent to the posting of the agenda.


Members of the public can submit comments until midnight on Thursday, August 27, when the public record will close; comments must be postmarked (mail) or time stamped (email);

  • Via email: Attn: “NextGen Bus Plan Proposed Service Changes”
  • By postal mail: Metro Service Planning & Development

  Attn: NextGen Bus Plan Proposed Service Changes
  1 Gateway Plaza, 99-7-1
  Los Angeles, CA 90012-2932

Next Westside Central Service Council Meeting: Wednesday, September 26, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. September Service Council meeting agendas will be posted at

Subscribe to the Westside Central Service Council mailing list: email or leave a message at 213.922.1282.

ADA and Title VI Requirements: Upon request, sign language interpretation, materials in alternative formats and other accommodations are available to the public for Metro sponsored meetings and events.
Limited English Proficiency: Upon request, interpreters are available to the public for Metro sponsored meetings and events. Agendas and minutes will also be made available in other languages upon request.

All requests for reasonable accommodations, interpretation services and materials in other languages must be made at least three working days (72 hours) in advance of the scheduled meeting date. Please submit requests by calling (213) 922-4600 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our TDD line is (800) 252-9040. Individuals with hearing or speech impairment may use California Relay Service 711 + Metro phone number.