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REVISED Planning & Programming Committee Agenda*

Location & Date

Metro Board Room, One Gateway Plaza, 3rd Floor, Los Angeles
Wednesday, October 16, 2013 2:30 p.m.


Call to Order

Pam O'Connor, Chair
Zev Yaroslavsky, Vice Chair
Mike Bonin
Diane DuBois
Ara Najarian
Carrie Bowen, non-voting member

Arthur T. Leahy, Chief Executive Officer
Michele Jackson, Board Secretary
Karen Gorman, Ethics Officer
Karen Gorman, Acting Inspector General
County Counsel, General Counsel

9. WITHDRAWN: AUTHORIZE initiation of a pilot program for small business assistance for the Crenshaw/LAX Light Rail Transit Project, including consideration of the formation of a consortium of small business finance experts from federal, state, local and private sectors.


10. WITHDRAWN: ADOPT the policy which provides direction for considering requests from local jurisdictions, third parties, and other stakeholders for supplemental modifications to transit corridor projects at various stages in the project development process.

11. APPROVE Motion by Directors O'Connor, Yaroslavsky and Garcetti that:

A. the Metro Board of Directors take a position of support for the Bikeshare Program grant extension application;

B. instruct staff to draft a letter of support to the CTC from the Metro Board under the signature of the Chair; and

C. instruct the Metro legislative staff to actively assist the City of Santa Monica in this effort.

64. APPROVE Motion by Directors Bonin, O'Connor and Ridley-Thomas that the Board direct the CEO to convene a working group with Big Blue Bus and Culver City Bus to:

A. identify existing bus routes that will service Expo Phase 2 rail stations;

B. evaluate how these routes and schedules can be augmented to seamlessly integrate bus service with the new rail line; and

C. explore other methods for improving transit connections to the rail stations, such as wayfinding signage and bus stop location.

WE FURTHER MOVE that staff present the findings and recommendations of the working group to the Board for consideration at the February 2014 Board meeting.


A. authorizing the Chief Executive Officer to implement the park and ride facilities assessment recommendations in an amount not to exceed $12 million dollars and to amend the FY14 budget in the amount not to exceed $2 million dollars to begin those improvements;

B. amending the FY14 budget to add 18 additional FTE's necessary to support and operate these facilities, add another 12 FTE's in FY15 and the remaining 3 FTE's in FY16 for a total of 33 FTE's;

C. amending the FY14 budget by $1.9 million to support operational and improvement materials and equipment costs; and

D. receiving and filing the progress report on the transfer of the Caltrans owned park and ride lots to Metro. [HANDOUT]


A. approving the proposed revised project list and recertifying previously programmed Measure R Highway Subfunds for the Highway Operational Improvements in Arroyo Verdugo, Las Virgenes/Malibu, and South Bay Subregions and SR-138 Capacity Enhancement; and

B. authorizing the Chief Executive Officer to negotiate and execute all necessary agreements for approved projects. There is no change in the Board approved FY13-14 budget.


A. approving the proposed project list for the programmed Measure R funds for I-605 Corridor "Hot Spot" Interchanges; and

B. authorizing the Chief Executive Officer to enter into funding agreements with the Gateway Cities Council of Governments, Los Angeles County, the California State Department of Transportation, and the I-605 Corridor Cities to develop and implement individual projects.

15. AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to execute and enter into:

A. an amendment to MTA's existing ground lease (Ground Lease) with Solair Marketing, LLC (Solair) of MTA property situated adjacent to the Wilshire/Western station portal (and, as is necessary or prudent, amendments to related development documents) to allow and provide for the installation, maintenance and placement (at no cost to Solair or its successors and assigns) of a memorial to former California State Senator Alfred Hoyun Song in the street-level plaza surrounding the station portal in the location generally indicated, and in accordance with the plans and renderings; and

B. a separate Amended and Restated Ground Lease (and, as is necessary or prudent, amendments to related development documents) with a prospective buyer (Buyer) of the commercial portion of Solair's mixed-use Wilshire/Western transit oriented development that will replace the Ground Lease and will contain key terms and conditions substantially in accordance with the following:

1. require Buyer make a Base Rent prepayment (Rent Prepayment) to MTA ranging from $3,153,623 to $3,291,627 (depending on when the prepayment is made during the November 1, 2013 to July 31, 2014 prepayment window) and, as a result, that the Ground Lease's current Base Rent be reduced from $34,084 per month to $18,750 per month and eliminate the Ground Lease's requirement that the tenant post a letter of credit as security to MTA for tenant's Base Rent obligations;

2. require Buyer to construct and install a canopy over the Wilshire/Western station portal (Portal Canopy) consistent with the portal canopy design that is intended to be used on the Metro Purple Line Extension; and

3. require that all or a portion of the Rent Prepayment be used with $433,140 in funds already committed by Solair under the Ground Lease, as amended, to cover costs associated with the design and construction of the Portal Canopy.


A. awarding 18 Contract Agreements under the Public-Private Partnerships (P3) Technical Bench (RFIQ) No. PS2210-3049 with the Contractors recommended for a three-year period with two one-year options beginning November 1, 2013 for professional services not to exceed a cumulative total value of $30 million; and

B. authorizing the Chief Executive Officer to execute individual task orders under the individual Bench Contracts for up to $1 million per task order.

17. APPROVE the programming of up to $236,568,000 of the Los Angeles County Share of the 2014 State Transportation Improvement Program as follows:

A. Tier 1: Up to $167,168,000, if the California Transportation Commission (CTC) programs the entire Los Angeles County Share target; and

B. Tier 2: Up to an additional $69,400,000, if the CTC advances additional State TIP funds to Los Angeles County.


A. authorizing the Chief Executive Officer to:

1. execute modification No. 4 to Contract No. PS114330-2636 with STV/PB-ConnectLAX Joint Venture for the inclusion of the "Through Intermodal Transportation Facility" alternative in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement/Report (EIS/R) for the Airport Metro Connector in an amount not-to-exceed $567,813; increasing the total contract value from $5,510,389 to $6,078,202; and extending the period of performance from December 30, 2013 to December 31, 2014; and

2. increase the Contract Modification Authority specific to Contract No. PS114330-2636, Airport Metro Connector, with the Contractor in the amount of $250,000; and

B. receiving and filing the Airport Metro Connector Technical Refinement Study completed in cooperation with the Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA). The full study is available upon request or at


A. approving the configuration consisting of the East/West Concourse and the relocation of Patsaouras Bus Plaza to the North/South Bus Facility ("Preferred Approach") for further development of the Union Station Master Plan (USMP);

B. authorizing the CEO to execute Contract Modification No. 2 to Contract No. PS4330-2863, Union Station Master Plan, with Gruen Associates to include additional planning services for the USMP in the amount not-to-exceed $800,000, increasing the total contract value from $4,418,401 to $5,218,401; and

C. amending the FY14 budget to add an amount not-to-exceed $800,000 to cost center 4530, Project 405557 (USMP), as finally negotiated for the contract modification. [HANDOUT]


A. programming up to $1 million in Measure R 3% funds to the Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA) for final design of the Vincent siding extension;

B. programming up to $6.5 million in Measure R 3% funds as 50% match towards the $13 million in costs for construction of the Vincent siding extension and Vincent Grade/Acton station second platform, subject to approval by the California Transportation Commission of up to $6.5 million in matching Proposition 1B Trade Corridor Improvement Funds;

C. programming up to $3 million in Measure R 3% funds to begin environmental and preliminary engineering on infrastructure improvements on the Metrolink San Bernardino Line;

D. programming up to $100,000 in Measure R 3% funds to support the City of La Mirada with a noise study of the commuter and freight railroad right of way; and

E. authorizing the Chief Executive Officer, or his designee, to negotiate and execute all agreements necessary for these actions.

21. WITHDRAWN: RECEIVE AND FILE status report on the environmental clearance of the East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor.

22. RECEIVE AND FILE report on managing high demand parking facilities at Metro Stations.

23. RECEIVE oral report on Highway Program Project Budget and Schedule Status.

24. RECEIVE report of the Chief Executive Officer.

Consideration of items not on the posted agenda, including: items to be presented and (if requested) referred to staff; items to be placed on the agenda for action at a future meeting of the Committee or Board; and/or items requiring immediate action because of an emergency situation or where the need to take immediate action came to the attention of the Committee subsequent to the posting of the agenda.