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Gateway Cities & South Bay Service Council Public Hearing Agenda*

Location & Date

Dollarhide Community Center, Compton, CA, 301 N. Tamarind Ave, Dollarhide Community Center, Rm 116, Compton
Thursday, July 13, 2017 6:00 p.m.


Call to Order

Gateway Cities Council Members:

David Armenta, Chair
Lori Y. Woods, Vice Chair
Richard Burnett
Gene Daniels
JoAnn Eros-Delgado
Karina Macias
Samuel Peña
Wally Shidler
Joe Strapac

South Bay Council Members:

Ralph Franklin, Chair
Ernie Crespo
Charles M. Deemer
Luis Duran
Elaine Jeng
Meghan Langelois
Roye Love
Dan Medina
Don Szerlip


Gary Spivack, Deputy Executive Officer
Dolores Ramos, Council Admin Analyst
Michael Sieckert, Transportation Planning Mgr.
Julia Brown, Community Relations Mgr
Scott Greene, Transportation Planning Mgr.
Mark Dierking, Community Relations Mgr
Kelly Blanton, Transportation Associate
Pamela del Valle, Transportation Associate

1. Call to Order and Remarks by Hearing Officer

  • Purpose of Public Hearing
  • Meeting Procedures

2. Reading of Statement Regarding Publication of Notices and Dissemination of Public Information, Dolores Ramos, Senior Administrative Analyst

3. Presentation of Proposed Gateway Cities/South Bay Service Changes for December 2017 or Later, Michael Sieckert, Transportation Planning Manager

4.  Public Comment on Proposed Changes Only
Order of appearance and speaker time limit will be determined by the Hearing Officer. Only comments relative to the agenda will be considered.

 5. Closing Remarks by Hearing Officer