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Construction Committee Agenda*

Location & Date

Metro Board Room, One Gateway Plaza, 3rd Floor, Los Angeles
Thursday, June 21, 2012 10:30 a.m.


Call to Order:

Don Knabe, Chair
Mel Wilson, Vice Chair
José Huizar
Gloria Molina
Pam O'Connor
Michael Miles, non-voting member
Arthur T. Leahy, Chief Executive Officer
Michele Jackson, Board Secretary
Karen Gorman, Ethics Officer
Karen Gorman, Acting Inspector General
County Counsel, General Counsel

41. RECEIVE report by the Caltrans District Director on Delivery of Project on I-5.

42. RECEIVE oral I-405 and Metro Orange Line Chronology and Status Update.

43. CONSIDER the following actions related to the I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project:

A. authorizing the Chief Executive Officer to issue and negotiate Change Order No. 55 to Contract No. C0882, with Kiewit Infrastructure West Company, for construction of redesigned work at Bridges 10 and 11 and the right-turn lane from southbound Sepulveda Boulevard to westbound Wilshire Boulevard, for an amount not to exceed $3,612,000, increasing the Total Contract Value from $794,975,625 to $798,587,625; and

B. approving an increase of $3,612,000 to the Contract No. C0882 Change Modification Authority (CMA), from $93,450,700 to $97,062,700, with no change to the Project 405523 Life of Project (LOP) budget.


A. an increase to the Total Contract Value for Contract No. MC069, with Stantec Consulting, Inc. to provide Construction Management Support Services for an amount not to exceed $15,440,000 for the fourth year of a five year contract, from $37,500,000 to $52,940,000; and

B. the Chief Executive Officer to execute individual Contract Work Orders and Modifications within the Board approved contract value.


A. authorizing a Life of Project budget increase for project 809082, Metro Red Line Segment 3 Close-out, from $4,139,000 to $23,139,000, an increase of $19,000,000 to:

1. complete concurrently the documentation required by the FTA for Metro Red Line Segment 3 Close-out; and prepare the Advanced Conceptual design;

2. construct the Universal City Station Pedestrian Bridge, including without limitation, Advanced Conceptual design, final design, construction costs, construction management, insurance, contingency, 3rd party, City and County coordination and Agency costs;

B. amending the FY13 budget to add $771,000 in project 809082, Metro Red Line Segment 3 Close-out project for recommendation A;

C. authorizing the Chief Executive Officer to negotiate and execute a Contract Modification to Contract PS-8510-2539, with Rios Clementi Hale Studios for the amount not to exceed $550,842 to perform Preliminary Engineering design services, increasing the total Contract Value from $124,158 to $675,000; and

D. authorizing the Chief Executive Officer to solicit and award Design- Build contracts for the Universal City Pedestrian Bridge pursuant to Public Utilities Code section 130242(a), (c), (d) and (e). (REQUIRES 2/3 VOTE OF THE BOARD)


A. authorizing the Chief Executive Officer to negotiate and execute a five-year labor-hour Contract No. EN078, to AECOM Technical Services, Inc. for Environmental Compliance Services on Task Orders, inclusive of two oneyear options with an initial amount not-to-exceed $10,525,000;

B. authorizing the Chief Executive Officer to execute individual Task Orders and changes within the Board approved contract amount; and

C. delegating to the Chief Executive Officer, should staff be unable to conclude negotiations with AECOM Technical Services, Inc., the authority to negotiate with the next most qualified proposer.


A. acknowledging the cost estimate increase for construction of the Eastern Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Facility by $12,000,000 to a new total of $276,583,167;

B. establishing a Life of Project (LOP) budget of the Eastern O&M Facility for Metro's 75% share under Project 800200 of $207,437,375 that includes the $9,000,000 cost increase above the prior reported estimate;

C. increasing LOP budget for Foothill Extension Phase 2A by $6 million for a new total of $741 million to meet Metro's Contingency Policy;

D. amending the Funding Agreement to incorporate the changes noted above; and

E. modifying punch list and warranty language in Master Cooperative Agreement (MCA) for consistency with the Exposition Metro Line Construction Authority MCA.

48. RECEIVE AND FILE report on the progress of refining the construction mitigation measures for the Regional Connector Transit Corridor on Flower Street.

49. RECEIVE AND FILE the staff report regarding Metro monitoring and oversight of Exposition Phase 2 and Foothill Extension projects.

50. RECEIVE Transit Project Delivery Executive Director's report.

51. RECEIVE oral report on Project Budget and Schedule Status.

52. RECEIVE report of the Chief Executive Officer.


Conference with Legal Counsel – Anticipated Litigation – G. C. 54956.9(b):
Significant exposure to litigation (one case)

Consideration of items not on the posted agenda, including: items to be presented and (if requested) referred to staff; items to be placed on the agenda for action at a future meeting of the Committee or Board; and/or items requiring immediate action because of an emergency situation or where the need to take immediate action came to the attention of the Committee subsequent to the posting of the agenda.