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Blue Ribbon Committee Agenda*

Location & Date

Gateway Conference Room, One Gateway Plaza, 3rd Floor, Los Angeles
Thursday, May 28, 2015 3:00 p.m.


Jon Hillmer, Exec. Dir., Service Devt., Scheduling & Analysis
Dan Nguyen, Deputy Exec. Ofcr., Operations
Scott Page, Service Devt. Mgr.
Gary Spivack, Deputy Exec. Ofcr., Regional Service Councils
Scott Greene, Transportation Planning Mgr.
Michael Sieckert, Transportation Planning Mgr.
Carol Silver, Transportation Planning Mgr.

Carl Torres, Transportation Planning Mgr. Israel Marin, Transportation Planner
Stewart Chesler, Transportation Planning Mgr.
Wayne Wassell, Transportation Planning Mgr.
Lilian De Loza, Community Relations Mgr.
Jody Litvak, Community Relations Director
David Hershenson, Community Relations Mgr.
Dolores Ramos, Service Councils Analyst

Blue Ribbon Committee Members:

Citizens Advisory Council
Anne Reid
Dalila Sotelo

Foothill Transit
Doran Barnes
Joseph Raquel

Gateway Cities Service Council
Gene Daniels
Thomas Martin
Wally Shidler

Phil Aker

Long Beach Transit
Kenneth McDonald

Pasadena ARTS
Valerie Gibson

San Fernando Valley Service Council
Michael Cano
Antonio Lopez
Yvette Lopez-Ledesma
Jesus R. Ochoa
Donald Weissman

San Gabriel Valley Service Council
Harry Baldwin
Alex Gonzalez
David Spence
Rosie Vasquez

Santa Monica Big Blue Bus
Edward F. King
Timothy McCormick

South Bay Service Council
Devon Deming
Don Szerlip

Torrance Transit
Kim Turner

Westside/Central Service Council
Elliott Petty
George Taule

1. Welcome and Introductions, David Hershenson, Community Relations Manager – 5 minutes

2. Draft Transit Service Policy, Jon Hillmer, Executive Director, Service Development, Scheduling and Analysis – 30 minutes

Loading Standard Discussion and Exercise - 15 minutes
Performance Index – 10 minutes
Metro – Muni Service Realignment – 10 minutes

3. Frequent Service Corridor Network Review, Jon Hillmer, Executive Director, Service Development, Scheduling and Analysis, Scott Page, Service Performance and Analysis Director – 30 minutes

4. Open discussion - 10 minutes


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