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Social Media / Web 2.0

Our web-hosted resources, social networking and news extend our reach to our community and other organizations

Transportation Headlines Blog
Our Transportation Headlines have kept readers informed since 2006.  They are published Monday through Friday, except holidays.  We collect, aggregate, publish and disseminate news stories that pertain to both local transit and transportation as well as national issues in related areas.
Our Twitter stream features news and announcements as well as Library events and activities.  Follow us to stay on top of the latest regarding the past, present, and future of transportation and transit in the Los Angeles Region.
Primary Resources
Our Primary Resources Blog provides insight into Los Angeles transit and transportation history, historic maps, new and notable acquisitions, recent transportation research, news from libraries, archives and museums, our involvement in LA as Subject, and important resources to know.
Photo sharing websites allow individuals and groups to reach many more people than they would through their own website or publicly-accessible storage system.  High-profile web-hosted access like Flickr raises awareness that special collections such as ours exist, promotes their use, allows people to participate in identifying aspects of the photographs, and is an important part of community outreach for the Library and Archive.
Studies show that the audience for online video continues to grow at a rapid pace.  People are finding useful resources in moving images streamed on their desktops or mobile devices, and are increasingly making it a part of their daily routine.
Like any large complex organization, Metro generates a large number of reports, studies, papers, assessments, and other publications, both printed and digital.
The Library's Facebook presence allows us to interact with many of our users in a variety of ways.  We share our favorite pages, stream our Twitter feed and Metro's The Source blog, link to our Flickr photo site, and serve as a meeting place for hundreds of established fans.
Our MySpace profile further connects us with those interested in transportation and transit issues.  We provide links to photos, videos, and numerous publications while fostering networked relationships amongst users and potential users.

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Our web-hosted resources, social networking and news extend our reach to our community and other organizations

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