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Project Elements

The proposed project is located in front of Los Angeles Union Station and on adjacent streets.

The proposed project includes the following elements:

Alameda Esplanade

  • A separated pedestrian and bicycle path with mixing zones on the eastside of Alameda St between Cesar E. Chavez Av and Arcadia St
  • Sidewalk widening on the eastside of Alameda St
  • Street trees and lighting on both sides of Alameda St between Cesar E. Chavez Av and Arcadia St
  • Curb and sidewalk replacement on the west side of Alameda Street

Los Angeles Crossing

  • Removal of the northern lane of Los Angeles St between Alameda St and El Pueblo Historic Cultural Monument (El Pueblo) crosswalk to make space for an expanded pedestrian path
  • Reconfigured driveway into Union Station
  • Raised crosswalk between Union Station and El Pueblo
  • Two-way bicycle path and bicycle crossing on Los Angeles St
  • An ADA-accessible pathway between Alameda and El Pueblo.

Union Station Forecourt

  • Repurposing the existing northwestern Union Station parking lot into a new civic space with sustainability features

Arcadia Street

  • Designated parking for El Pueblo tourist buses during off-peak hours along the northern side of Arcadia St between Alameda St and Spring St.