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LA Union Station Forecourt and Esplanade Improvements Final Environmental Impact Report

On January 16, 2018, Metro released this project’s Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR), Statement of Overriding Considerations and Findings of Fact, and Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program, which includes input received from public comment.

The FEIR, Statement of Overriding Considerations, Findings of Fact and Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program, and Alternative 3 as the Preferred Alternative were recommended for approval by the Metro Board Planning and Programming Committee on February 14, 2018 and approved by the Metro Board of Directors on March 1, 2018.

Union Station Forecourt and Esplanade Improvements FEIR Board Report

March 1, 2018, Board Meeting Recap

The Final EIR builds on the Draft EIR and includes Chapter 8: Response to Public Comment (Parts 1 and 2 below), Chapter 9: Revisions to the Draft EIR (Part 3 below) and revisions to some appendices related to traffic analysis (Parts 4-7 below). These documents, together with the Draft EIR and its appendices, constitute the environmental document for this project.

Part 1: Table of Contents and Chapter 8: Response to Comments

Part 2: Chapter 8 (Response to Comments) continued

Part 3: Chapter 9: Clarifications and Revisions to the Draft EIR

Part 4: Updates to Appendices H-1 Intersection Counts

Part 5: Updates to Appendices H-3 Unfunded Connect US Results

Part 6: Updates to Appendices H-4 Intersection Volumes and Geometries

Part 7: Updates to Appendices H-6 VISSAM (traffic analysis) Outputs

Statement of Overriding Considerations and Findings of Fact

Mitigation Monitoring Reporting Program

Metro staff recommended proceeding with Alternative 3 , which includes a partial closure of Los Angeles Street, a restricted left-hand turn onto Alameda Street from Los Angeles Street, restricting tour bus parking on Arcadia Street to only off-peak hours and incorporating a two-way bike path within the extended El Pueblo Plaza on Los Angeles Street within the project boundaries. The Alameda Street and the Union Station Forecourt components would be consistent with the descriptions in the DEIR. More information on this alternative and the staff recommendation is available in the Statement of Overriding Considerations .

In July 2018, the Metro Board approved an Addendum to the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the Los Angeles Union Station Forecourt and Esplanade Improvements.  The Addendum identifies clarifications and revisions to the FEIR that include:

  • Conducting geotechnical and utility investigations at an earlier stage in order to inform the design phase
  • Increasing the depth of excavation
  • Consolidation of Metro Bus stops along Alameda Street within the project area