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LA Union Station Forecourt and Esplanade Improvements

The Los Angeles Union Station Forecourt and Esplanade Improvements project will enhance pedestrian and bicycle access and safety to and from Los Angeles Union Station and surrounding communities. This project implements a piece of the Connect US Action Plan , which was finalized in 2015 and identified active transportation improvement projects in the vicinity of Union Station to create safe access for people walking, bicycling and rolling to Union Station.

In spring 2020, Metro contractors will begin conducting utility investigations at the following locations:

  • Alameda St, between Arcadia St and Cesar E Chavez Av
  • Los Angeles St, between Alameda St and the 101 Fwy on-ramp

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2011: Metro purchased the iconic downtown Los Angeles Union Station

2012 to 2014: Metro developed the Los Angeles Union Station Master Plan and the Connect US Action Plan

2015: Metro released Transforming Los Angeles Union Station, a Summary Report , which included final recommendations and implementation strategy for the Union Station Master Plan. Metro also finalized the Connect US Action Plan, which identified active transportation improvement projects, including the Alameda Esplanade and Los Angeles Crossing

2015 to 2017: Metro secured approximately $18 million in Active Transportation Program (ATP) grant funds for Alameda and Los Angeles Street

2018: Metro Board of Directors certified the Final Environmental Impact Report and Addendum; Design team brought on board

2018 to present: NEPA clearance and design development underway; geotechnical and utility investigations in City of LA right of way; City coordination and stakeholder engagement ongoing

LA Union Station Forecourt and Esplanade

LA Union Station Forecourt & Esplanade Improvements Project Map

The proposed project is located in front of Los Angeles Union Station and on adjacent streets.

The proposed project includes the following elements:

Alameda Esplanade

  • A separated pedestrian and bicycle path with mixing zones on the eastside of Alameda St between Cesar E. Chavez Av and Arcadia St
  • Sidewalk widening on the eastside of Alameda St
  • Street trees and lighting on both sides of Alameda St between Cesar E. Chavez Av and Arcadia St
  • Curb and sidewalk replacement on the west side of Alameda Street

Los Angeles Crossing

  • Closure of the northern lane of Los Angeles St between Alameda St and El Pueblo Historic Cultural Monument (El Pueblo) crosswalk for an expanded pedestrian path
  • Reconfigured driveway into Union Station
  • Consolidated, raised crosswalk between Union Station and El Pueblo
  • Two-way bicycle path and bicycle crossing on Los Angeles St
  • The construction of an ADA-accessible pathway between Alameda and El Pueblo.

Union Station Forecourt

  • Repurposing the existing northwestern Union Station parking lot into a new civic space with sustainability components

Arcadia Street

  • Designated parking for El Pueblo tourist bus at the curb along the northern side of Arcadia St between Alameda St and Spring St during off-peak hours.

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