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Prevailing Wage

Prevailing Wage

Prevailing wages are applicable on Public Works contracts that are funded by State/Local and/or Federal dollars. The California Labor Code requires the payment of prevailing wages on state and local contracts in excess of $1,000; and in the case of federally assisted projects, Federal Labor Standards Provisions require the payment of prevailing wages for contract in excess of $2,000.

In the event that a Contract is subject to the provisions of California law regarding Public Works, including, but not limited to California Labor Code Sections 227, 1021, and 1720 through and including 1861, together with all applicable regulations (e.g. Title 8 California Code of Regulations, Section 16001 et. seq.), prevailing wages will be applicable to the contract.   In addition to the requirements for payment of prevailing wages set forth in the Labor Compliance Manual, a Contract, if federally funded, is also subject to payment of prevailing wages under federal law by the Davis Bacon Act, as determined by the US Department of Labor.  All pertinent federal and state statutes and regulations, including but not limited to those referred to above will be incorporated by reference into the contract document.

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