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Video & Audio

Video Guidelines

Metro prepares various audio files on, The Source , Facebook and YouTube. As much as possible, Metro video files are prepared and hosted on YouTube. Please follow the specifications and requirements below, then submit your video to Metro web team to be posted on the appropiate YouTube channel.

Video  Specifications

  • Dimensions - 640 x 480 pixels; 1280 x 720 pixels

  • Size and length - YouTube no longer allows the uploading of videos longer than 10 minutes and 2GB in size
  • Provide highest quality source content in AVI, WMV or QuickTime format for encoding; and/or

    • YouTube automatically encodes and provides three quality types (low - medium - high) -- it is ideal to upload the highest quality video file.
  • FLV format ( MP3 128 kbps, Stereo, VBR - 1500.00 kps, Codec - On2 VP6 or Sorenson Spark)

    • NOTE: YouTube will additionally optimize the FLV file. This is not ideal as it may produce a lower-quality video and will not create three quality types mention prior.

Video Requirements

  • Visually, all content must adhere to Metro branding standards (Metro Style Guide and logos provided upon request);

  • Videos should contain an approved Metro logo intro and outro (fade in/fade out provided upon request);

  • Must adhere to Section 508 Accessibility Guidelines (Web Accessibility Compliance) that bind all government agencies, all videos must be accompanied by a transcript or script of the action contain in the video for use by those with disabilities; and

  • All video or multimedia must be approved by Communications (your Marketing Account Executive) for content.

Video Resources

(Click on thumbnail for larger size and to download)

Metro Video Design Standards Metro Video Design Standard
Covering video styling for intro/outro, video titles, chapter titles, byline treatments, and video credits.
PDF File
M Mark - Open - sm M Mark Opening
JPG Format
M Mark - Close - sm M Mark Closing
JPG Format
M Mark - Open - lg M Mark Opening
JPG Format
M Mark - Close - lg M Mark Closing
JPG Format

Audio Guidelines

Metro prepares various audio files to be used on, The Source , Facebook and YouTube. Metro prefers to utilize YouTube to host audio files. Please follow the specifications and recommendations below, then submit your audio file to Metro web team to be posted.

Audio Specifications

  1. Prepare a single-cell video file and embed your audio (320 x 240 pixels)
  2. Use a photo as frame one for the duration of your video file, some suggestions include:
    • Photo of the subject matter
    • Metro logo (if you do not have photos)
    • Project illustration identifier (this can be attained from Metro Communications)
  3. Prepare captions for the audio file

Audio Recommendations

  • Low or no background noise

Audio Resources

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