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Metro Supports SB 1

  • Los Angeles Metro supports Senate Bill 1 and its investments in transportation infrastructure.
  • Los Angeles Metro also supports Proposition 69 which would protect those investments.

Facts About Senate Bill 1 And LA County

Senate Bill 1 (Beall and Frazier) is the landmark transportation funding package passed by the Legislature on April 6 and signed into law by Governor Brown on April 28. This vital transportation funding program represents the largest state commitment to transportation in more than 40 years.

SB 1 is a long-term transportation reform and funding package that contains new revenues to make road safety improvements, fill potholes and repair local streets, expand public transit, build highway improvements, bridges and overpasses. The bill would raise at least $5 billion annually to relieve the State’s worst congestion. The revenues will be split equally between state and local transportation priorities.

SB 1 is expected to bring approximately $1 billion per year in transportation funding to LA County. With SB 1 funding Metro can expand upon the commitments in Measure M to accelerate project delivery, expand public transit and reduce congestion and improve air quality in some of the most polluted communities in the State of California.

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See below a map of Metro’s Program of Projects that could be funded from SB 1.

Los Angeles County Highway and Transit Projects

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