The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) provides bus and rail service throughout Los Angeles County. Since Metro is an integral part of Los Angeles County image and history, its facilities, vehicles and equipment are often featured in movies, television programs, commercials, print ads and documentaries.

Metro can provide production companies with site locations, vehicles, equipment and parking for use in their productions. Site locations (land structures and parking) exist throughout Los Angeles County.

Filming is permitted at many Metro Rail facilities; however, please contact Metro’s filming representative to discuss your particular needs as restrictions on days, hours and types of filming may apply. Metro is happy to discuss your filming needs and if the station, day or time is not available to you, suggest an alternative.


  1. All requests for filming on or with control of a train, or within a train station, must have final approval by Metro on the Wednesday prior to the week on which you wish to film due to Metro’s weekly track allocation meeting.
  2. For questions or more information contact:
    Hollywood Locations
  3. Attend a pre-production meeting held at the proposed filming location with you and a Metro representative to discuss your plans and how we can accommodate them in compliance with Metro’s regulations and safety requirements.
  4. The use of Metro property by Licensee’s Production Crew is conditioned upon receipt by Metro of Insurance, and Workers’ Compensation Documentation from Licensee at least 72 hours prior to production. Click here for information on Insurance, and Workers’ Compensation Documentation needed.
  5. Payment
    A check payable to The Hollywood Location Company, Inc. (Metro’s film liaison) shall be submitted before the start of production. See below for fee schedule.

Filming Guidelines

  • Metro will have script approval over the portion of filming that involves Metro vehicles and/or locations.
  • Metro, transit in general and Metro employees or agents, may not be shown in a disparaging manner in the production. Nudity is not allowed.
  • Metro employees will not be used in the production, if Metro employees are included in the final version incidentally, the production must obtain releases from said employees prior to release.
  • The production will be solely responsible for obtaining all required releases and consents for the reproduction or use of any signs, displays, trademarks, service marks, trade names, artwork, posters, wall hangings or any other intellectual property recorded by or appearing in the production. A listing of Metro artwork and artist contact information is available upon request. 
  • Metro owns trademark rights to its 'M' logo and 'M Metro' logo.  Permission for use can be granted as part of a contract, any other use of a Metro logo requires Metro’s approval and written consent.
  • Please note, filming on the rail system on the same day as another production company may be difficult to accommodate due to manpower.
  • Station preparation work can be allowed between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on the same day as shooting for a separate charge.

Photography Guidelines

  • Only permissible in public areas, proof of fare required in marked fare required areas (station platforms of all rail stations and the Metro Orange Line)
  • No commercial photography without prior authorization and consent from Metro
  • Hand held equipment only, no tripods are permitted
  • No photography inside moving trains for privacy and safety reasons
  • No flash photography, especially into oncoming transit vehicles (rail or bus)
  • Photography must not interfere with passenger safety or movement at any time

Student Guidelines

  • Must be a student enrolled at an accredited college or university
  • Must have a letter from the student’s professor explaining that the filming is necessary to the student’s project
  • Students may not film with a bus
  • Students may not film inside a train
  • Students may not control the movement of train
  • Filming will be accommodated when time and staff is available
  • Students may film or photograph on a rail station platform, mezzanine, and/or escalator for a maximum of 4 hours, Monday through Friday only between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
  • Student film projects may have a maximum combined cast and crew size of 20 persons

Fee Schedule

Train Station Platform, Mezzanine and/or Escalators AND Control of a Train
(Red, Purple, Gold, Blue or Green Line)
$6,000 for minimum of 6 hours
$1,500 for each additional hour
Plus personnel cost

Train Station Platform, Mezzanine and/or Escalators WITHOUT Control of a Train (Red, Purple, Gold, Blue or Green Line)
$3,000 for minimum of 6 hours
$1,000 for each additional hour
Plus personnel cost

Train, Train Station Platform, Mezzanine and/or Escalators Preparation Work
$2,000 for the first hour
$250 for each additional hour

Metro Headquarters Building Lobby
Union Station East Portal
Union Station Patsaouras Transit Plaza
$4000 for a minimum of 6 hours
$1,000 each additional hour
Plus personnel cost                                                                                 

Metro Headquarters Board Room
$10,000 per day
Plus personnel cost

Still Photography on Metro Property
$500 for minimum of one hour
$150 for each additional hour

Rail Car Mock-Up
$2,500 per day
10% discount for 6 days or more on rental only

No License Fee for students, but charges may apply for any necessary support personnel.
Maximum of 4 hours, Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. only

50 spaces or less per day: $400
51 – 100 spaces per day: $600
101 – 200 spaces per day; $800
201 + spaces per day: $1,000
10% discount for more than 10 days
Monthly Rate: $6,000

Metro Undeveloped Lot
50 cars or less per day: $400
51 – 100 cars per day: $600
101 – 200 cars per day; $800
201 + cars per day: $1,000
10% discount for more than 10 days
Monthly Rate: $6,000

Bus Rental
Includes Bus Operator
$500 per hour
(4 hour minimum)
$250 for each additional hour

Support Personnel
Metro will assign personnel to support filming as necessary.      
The rates for support personnel are as follows:
(All rates are hourly and charged on an eight (8) hour minimum.)

HLC Site Coordinator $40.00 
Rail Transportation Operations Supervisor $47.70 
Metro Security    $31.44
Vehicle Operator  $39.24
Vehicle Tech  $46.41
Facilities Tech     $59.10
Traction Power Tech  $59.10
Custodian  $27.40
Bus Supervisor    $47.70
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