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July 1 Passes

Weekly Pass


Monthly Pass


Day Pass $6 May be purchased in quantities of up to 8 at a time

Freeway Express Stamp

Bus only; maximum two zones


per zone

EZ transit pass

Good for travel on Metro bus, Metro Rail and many additional carriers


EZ Premium Stamp

May only be affixed to EZ transit pass


per zone

Money-Saving Tips

Buying a pass is often less expensive than paying the $1.50 base fare. The chart below can help you find the best pass value for your needs.

If you buy a:

You save:

Day Pass ($6)

after 4 boardings per day

Weekly Pass ($20)

after 13 boardings per week

Monthly Pass ($75)

after 50 boardings per month

Note: New TAP cards are $2 and must be sold with a pass loaded.