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Parking Citation Appeals Hearing Procedures

Persons who receive parking citations issued on Metro property by either the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department or Metro Security have the right under California Vehicle Code section 40215 to contest the citations. First Level Parking Citation Appeals are conducted by Metro’s Security Department.

In May 2008, Metro’s Ethics Department began conducting Second Level Parking Citation Appeal Hearings. The following procedures apply to Second Level Parking Citation Appeal Hearings conducted by Metro’s Ethics Department. These procedures are subject to change by Metro from time to time, or as the applicable law changes. These changes will be posted here.

Requesting Second Level Parking Citation Hearing:

Within 21 days from the date of the First Level Parking Administrative Review decision, the Appellant may request a mail-in or in-person Second Level Administrative Review of the citation by a Metro Hearing Officer. A request for a hearing should be sent to Metro’s Parking Administration contractor, Judicial Data Systems (“JDS”), the processing agency for Metro Parking Citations, along with a payment for the full amount of the citation or, appropriate proof of inability to pay the amount due.

Scheduling and Location:

Hearings are held the first Wednesday of every month at the Ethics Department Library located on the 11th floor of the Metro Gateway Building, One Gateway Plaza in Los Angeles.

Appellants should arrive shortly before their scheduled appointment time and wait in the 11th floor hearing waiting area for their case to be called. Appellants must check in with Metro Security on the 3rd Floor of the Gateway Building prior to being allowed to proceed to the 11th floor.

If the Appellant needs to reschedule an appointment for a hearing, they are only allowed to reschedule one time and must contact JDS to reschedule. In addition the Appellant should also notify the Metro Ethics Department in advance at (213) 922-2900.


The Hearing Officer will review the written information provided by the Appellant and JDS prior to the hearing. During the hearing, the Hearing Officer will listen to any arguments on why the ticket should be dismissed. The Hearing Officer is an impartial party and will not advocate for or against the Appellant. To arrive at the facts, the Hearing Officer may cross-examine the Appellant and any witnesses and will review the information on the citation. The Hearing Officer will weigh the evidence, including any discrepancies elicited during the questioning and render a decision based on the facts of the case and applicable laws.

The issuing Officer of the ticket is not required to appear at the hearing for the ticket to be upheld.

Once the Hearing Officer has enough information and the Appellant has been given an adequate opportunity to fully present their evidence, the Hearing Officer will end the hearing.

The Appellant will generally receive a written decision within 14 days of the hearing. If the Hearing Officer finds in favor of the Appellant, a refund will be issued in 4 – 6 weeks, provided there are no other unpaid tickets. If the citation is upheld and the Appellant chooses to appeal the decision, a letter to the Appellant will provide instruction on how to file for a third and final appeal in a Superior Court within 30 days.

Failure to Appear:

Appellants who fail to appear for their scheduled in person Second Level Hearing will have their “failure to appear” noted on the hearing request documents. Appeals, for which the Appellant fails to appear in person, are NOT reviewed and no decision is issued by the Hearing Officer and may result in loosing the right to further appeals.


If the Appellant is dissatisfied with the Second Level Review Hearing finding, he or she may appeal the decision to a Superior Court. The Appellant must request such an appeal within 30 days of the Hearing Officer’s decision and must file in person at the Civil Court. There is a filing fee per ticket required by the Court, which will be refunded if the judge rules in favor of the Appellant.

Appellant will need to contact the Superior Court to determine the current amount of the filing fee. Appellant will need to present the written Administrative Hearing decision at the time the appeal is filed. The written administrative hearing decision is submitted as evidence for the court appeal. If Appellant received a waiver to attend the Hearing without paying the ticket fine, the Appellant may request a similar waiver directly from the Court.