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Form 802 - Ceremonial Role and Ticket Distributions

In accordance with the provisions set forth by the Fair Political Practices Commission and California Code of Regulations, designated employees of a local governmental agency have restrictions concerning gifts they receive and reporting requirements concerning these gifts. Tickets provided to a public official will not be considered a reportable gift if it is determined that the official will perform in a “ceremonial role” capacity. Pursuant to sections 18942(a)(13) / 18944.1, Metro designated employees are required to disclose those complimentary tickets used by officials pursuant to the ceremonial role exception.

Such tickets must be disclosed within 45 days of distribution and posted on Metro’s website. The information includes the name of the official, a description of the event, the date, the face value of the tickets, who provided them, the number of tickets received, and a description of the “public purpose” for which they were provided.

Form 802 is used by state and local government agencies to report admission to events for individuals who perform ceremonial roles. Tickets used by public officials who are not performing ceremonial duties are limited and must be disclosed as gifts on their annual Statement of Economic Interest Disclosure Form 700 statements.